Month: August 2014

Sow’s Ear Challenge Finished


From this…

Sows Ear Vintage Fabric
Sows Ear Vintage Fabric


To this!

Sows Ear Purse
Sows Ear Purse

The three pieces of thrifted fabric from the Sow’s Ear Challenge plus a solid green resulted in this easy to piece bag. I used Peltex, a heavyweight firm stabilizer and did a little free motion quilting around the flowers and some straight line quilting on the solid base. I interfaced the handles to give prevent them from stretching. The pockets are made up of one long rectangle folded in half and topstitched.

I still have a little of the blue floral print and 1 entire pink/green pillow sham that I haven’t taken apart and 1 side of the one I did use. I will make another bag featuring the pink/orange/green fabric on the outside and incorporate the ruffle too. The exact design will be dictated by the amount of fabric I have leftover.

Sows Ear Purse Interior
Sows Ear Purse Interior

I like the firmness that the Peltex stabilizer provides, it has more body than just a regular quilt batting would give to the project.

Flora’s Baby Quilt

I like to try new techniques, so when I saw the title: Sliver quilts: 11 projects easy technique for dynamic results by Lisa O’Neill, I had to try it.

Sliver Quilts
Sliver Quilts

In this technique narrow strips of fabric are encased in a fold when stitched so that there are no raw edges. Very fine points are achieved by using this technique. The ‘slivers’ of fabric can be made with fabrics that fray such as silks, rayons, and sheer fabrics like organza. Beautiful effects can be created with decorative trims such as rick rack and ribbons.

Flora's Quilt layout
Flora’s Quilt layout

I used slivers to make a special baby quilt.

Flora's Quilt
Flora’s Quilt

It’s bright, colourful and happy!

Through Our Hands Magazine

Through Our Hands an Online Art Quilt Magazine

I came across this new online magazine recently called: Through Our Hands. The website offers a beautifully curated selection of contemporary art quilts and artists. They include quilters such as:

There are many other textile artists profiled. Have a look at the artwork on the site and sign up for the newsletter to receive a free copy of the magazine.

Shaken not Stirred!

Cin Cin! Tim-Tim!

fabric postcards of Martini Shakers and martini glasses
Martini Shakers and Glass Postcards

This trio of postcards were created using a positive/negative quilt technique. The design is carefully cut so that two blocks are created.

A votre santé! Salud!

quilted art postcards of martini glass and shakers, with beading
Martini Shakers and Glass Postcards

The martini shakers are created from this technique as are the martin glasses, although only one martini glass is shown.

Cocktails at eight!


Quilts at the Creek

Even though I won’t be attending this year, I wanted you all to know about a really great quilt exhibit taking place at Black Creek Pioneer Village just north of Toronto from August 16-17, 2014.

Black Creek 2012
Quilts at Black Creek Pioneer Village 2012

Quilts at the Creek is in its 3rd year.

Black Creek 2012 Urban Habitat
Urban Habitat (on the left) with unidentified appliqué quilt

The village is a beautiful venue for exhibiting quilts. The quilts are hung outside by a tireless group of volunteers. There are workshops, trunk shows, quilt appraisals, vendors and quilts, quilts and quilts in a beautiful, pastoral setting. Spend some time outside enjoying the show.


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