Month: October 2014

Inspiration – Whimsy Quilt

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Inspiration as: A breathing in or infusion of some idea, purpose, etc. into the mind; the suggestion, awakening, or creation of some feeling or impulse, esp. of an exalted kind “inspiration, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2014. Web. 13 October 2014. This sketch drawn by my 7 year old …

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It’s Time For Colour – CQA Travelling Quilt Show

Chrysalis Awakening The Canadian Quilter’s Association has asked award winning quilters to donate a small quilted piece to their themed show: “It’s Time for Colour“. 40 pieces will travel across Canada and be displayed in local venues from January 2015 to May 2015, ending in Lethbridge, Alberta for Quilt Canada in June 2015. Everyone will …

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More Quilts from Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto Show

Celebrating Toronto – President’s Challenge Quilts Top row from left to right: Scarborough Bluffs                                      Joyce Forsythe Gibraltar Point Lighthouse                             Claudette Morrison John Willard Visits the R.O.M. Crystal             Coral Jewel Middle row from left to right: Toronto Inukshuk in Spring                           Isabella Garrigan Neighbourhoods                                          Joanne Clement The Queen Streetcar                                    Virginia Keast Evolving Mosaic                                           Doris Lovadina-Lee Bottom row from left to right: Twelve Degrees Off North                             Helen …

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