Month: June 2015

Postcard for teacher

It’s the end of the school year and there is always a scramble to find the perfect gift to give your child’s teacher. Since my son began attending school, we have been creating personalized quilted art postcards to give as gifts. Each postcard is 4″ x 6″, the perfect size for a small piece of art that is easy to display.

Trip to ROM drawing
Trip to ROM drawing

I asked my son to draw a picture that reflected something memorable from his school year. This year he drew a picture of the class trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). They travelled by subway to spend the day visiting the exhibits. The drawing was coloured (with helpful suggestions for me!) on a blank sheet of paper.

Mme Waddell postcard
Trip to ROM postcard

I translated his sketch into the postcard above by fusing fabrics, machine stitching and adding the details with beads. In this piece, I asked him about using sequins and beads to represent the faces he drew in the window. With his approval, I used pink beads for the two females and blue for the two males. You can see another one of his drawings that was made into a postcard in this earlier post: Quilted Art Postcards. He enjoys drawing and colouring and I enjoy the quilting! It’s a great collaboration.

If you are interested in making a no-sew postcard, check out Barb’s interview with me at ritewhileucan. I describe how to create a beautiful art project out of fabric scraps and card stock. Have a look and create a beautiful personalized gift for someone special.

Barrel chair upholstery

This is a barrel chair we’ve had for a few years and the upholstery was the worse for wear. I found a beautiful piece of leather in stripes of cream, grey and beige. There wasn’t enough to redo the entire chair, but enough to use on the outside.

Barrel chair before
Barrel chair before

A trip to Designer Fabrics, a store that has a great selection of fabric was needed. I love going in to browse, there is always something new to look at and fondle!

Barrel chair side view before
Barrel chair side view before

I brought a selection of samples home.

Upholstry fabrics1
Upholstery samples from Designer Fabrics in Toronto

I like the idea of having a circular design to contrast with the linear stripes. The design below is the one I liked the best. It is a wonderful, op art designed cut velvet.

Upholstry fabric
Upholstery fabric for barrel chair

I love the circles!


Upholstry fabrics
Upholstery fabric with leather stripe

I hope to start this project soon. I have already removed the old upholstery. I think it will look great in our room and with the new indigo pillow I dyed!


Quilts at the Creek 2015

I just received the labels I will be attaching to the quilts I am entering into the Quilts at the Creek outdoor show this summer. It’s a great venue to see a variety of quilts from traditional to modern and from all across southern Ontario.

Quilts@C 2015 labels
Quilts at the Creek labels

Hundreds of quilts will be on display in the beautiful pastoral setting of Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. It’s a great sight to see the quilts hanging in the sunshine and blowing in the breeze. Each day of the show, volunteers set up all the quilts, mostly outside with a few in some of the buildings. These dedicated volunteers also take down all the quilts at the end of the day and have been known to very quickly take them down when rain threatens!

Quilts at the Creek at Black Creek Pioneer Village
Quilts at the Creek at Black Creek Pioneer Village

This year Quilts at the Creek will be held from Saturday July 18th to Sunday July 19th, 2015. Check the Black Creek Pioneer Village website for times, parking information and maps.

Quilts at the Creek Blog

Valerie Prideaux the lead organizer of this great event, along with the York Heritage Quilters Guild have a lot of information on the Quilts at the Creek blog. Find out how to enter your quilt, who will be presenting trunk shows, the vendors at the Merchant’s mall and so much more.

Amy Garrobook-2Bcover-240x300qc_icy_waters_-024

Amy Garro of 13 Spools is teaching 2 workshops: Graffitti Quilting on the Friday and Paper Piecing on the Saturday. I am looking forward to learning Amy’s style of free-motion quilting.

Hope to see you out at Black Creek Pioneer Village July 18th and 19th, enjoying the quilts in the beautiful outdoors.

Not Quite President’s Challenge Winner!

I’ve been planning the quilt for The Not Quite President’s Challenge for a couple of months. This challenge quilt for the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild had me stumped. I discarded my original design idea: a Greek key design.

One of the sketches I drew had a diagonal line from the left side of the page creating a sort of perspective. I liked the idea of creating depth in the piece by using colours. If I divided the colours I had selected into light and dark I could maybe create this illusion. These ideas brought to mind a couple of quilts I saw at QuiltCon this past February.

Challenge sketch
Challenge sketch

Chawne Timber of Completely Cauchy  has created a series of log cabin style quilts based on her family history. In Anniston is a beautiful quilt that really captured my imagination when I saw it in person. Chawne used hand dyed indigo for the dark logs and various shades of cream for the light logs as well as some reds and green logs as accents. The placement of the light and dark logs emphasize the dark side of the log cabin. It really seemed to be in shadow.

TMQG challenge revised sketch
TMQG challenge revised sketch

Chawne’s pieces were very tiny, creating a lot of depth and movement. So, I thought that using the log cabin block would let me create the idea of depth and perspective. I did a rough sketch of the design above.

TMQG challenge top
TMQG challenge top

I wanted to vary the width of the logs and used both half inch and one inch finished logs. This quilt is not pieced in the traditionally method, rather I pieced sections of strips together and then attached these as a unit. I cut the navy solid and print in one inch finished strips to emphasize the idea of steps leading in towards the centre.

TMQG challenge detail
TMQG challenge detail

There is a tiny bit of green and coral the inspiration photograph. I used Jean Well’s technique of narrow insert piecing to add these bits of colour. I love the way they pop out of the dark blues.

Thread selections

Log cabin quilts symbolize hearth and home, security and stability. The centre is usually red to reflect the fireplace that was the centre of the home and the light logs represented the side of the home facing the sunshine, while the dark faced the shadow. My inspiration photo was a couple embracing in their bedroom with the closet in the background. Truly an intimate and safe place.

TMQG challenge quilt
TMQG challenge quilt

I decided to hand quilt this piece and auditioned a few different threads including a rayon perle and a variegated sulky.

TMQG quilt detail
TMQG quilt detail

In the end I hand quilted with the dark blue and white rayon perle thread. I really like the strong linear quality the stitches gives to the piece.

TMQG Not Quite President's Challenge Rosette
TMQG Not Quite President’s Challenge Rosette

I am happy to announce that this quilt was chosen as the winner of the Not Quite President’s Challenge. As well as the fabulous ribbon made by Becky, I received a one year membership to the Textile Museum of Canada!



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