Stitch Meditation – Day 3 and 4

There are many reasons for stitching mindfully and more importantly when this is going to happen. I was asked if I had planned when I was going to practice my stitch meditation. My plan was to stitch two evenings during the week – Tuesday and Friday nights. This is already a change from the response I gave the person asking! It’s important to be flexible in your practice. Life happens and you can easily and without guilt make accommodations.

stitch meditation day 4 five inch square silk and hand dyed cotton embroidered in fuchsia and green perle cotton Toronto artist Doris lovadina-Lee
Shot and hand dyed cotton, perle cotton and rayon thread

Linda McLaughlin has been creating daily and weekly stitch meditations since 2012. Linda was already taking photographs daily and posting them online when she read a few blogs about daily stitching projects. She began because she wanted to see if she could commit to creating daily. Linda found she enjoyed having something waiting for her in her studio every day. Interestingly, Linda doesn’t always start her projects at the beginning of the year, they feel too much like resolutions which she fails at! Linda blogs about her progress at Linda McLaughlin: Notes from Studio B.

Linda’s second project began without a plan. She committed to creating daily using 4′ square blocks and stitching them with black perle cotton. After a few months, Linda showed some friends the blocks she had completed and “we all decided that I should sew them together, after that it just seemed like what I was suppose to do.”

Linda McLaughlin: Sixty five Days to 65 Project (2012)

Linda’s first stitch project was:
Sixty five days to 65” to celebrate her 65th birthday. She was going to create an applique, or stitched or embroidered circle every leading up to her birthday, with the last one stitched the day before her next birthday. Her parameters:

  • 3 different sized squares, 9″, 6″, 3″
  • applique or embroidering circles
  • using fabrics and materials already in her stash
  • posting on her blog as she works on them
  • having all her supplies selected at beginning of project
  • assembling squares into a wall hanging at the end
Sixty-five circles quilt for her 65th birthday by Linda McLaughlin 2012
Sixty-five Days to 65 by Linda McLaughlin

Photo Courtesy of Linda McLaughlin

Linda McLaughlin: Weekly Leaf Project 2018

Linda begin her weekly leaf project in January 2014 and has continued to explore this theme. Linda has used leaves in several of her projects. In 2018 she began her stitch meditations with eco printed leaves on silk, attaching these to canvas and added embroidery stitches. She did not know what she would do with them when the project was completed. One thought is to attach them together to make an accordion pleated book.

Linda McLaughlin's weekly leaf embroidery 2018
Week 1
Photo Courtesy of Linda McLaughlin

Linda has multiple projects on the go and is amazed at what she accomplishes even when spending as little as ten minutes a day on a project. Being organized and preparing the fabrics, threads, tools ahead of time are key. Linda has made it portable taking her stitch mediations to Europe, China, Canada and all around the US!

Stitch Resources

  • Website: Linda McLaughlin: Notes from Studio B. Daily stitching
  • Pinterest: 100 Day Stitch Meditations and Stitch Meditation board
  • Blog: Kit Dunsmore’s Blog post: Stitch Meditations: Don’t Box Me In
quilted circles in red on grey and white background made up of 365 squares
365 Days
Photograph Courtesy of Linda McLauglin

I think I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve stuck with it for so long and still love doing it. This will be my seventh year! I’m also a bit surprised about some of the things that have happened because of daily stitching, like being invited to do Quilting Arts TV back in 2013, and also doing some talks for guilds and ladies groups.

Linda McLaughlin
Day three hand stitch meditation with running stitches and French knots by Doris Lovadina Lee
hand dyed cotton, silk fabric, perle cotton, rayon thread

Linda also says not to “expect perfection if you are trying something new, the more you do it the better you get”. So I encourage you to try a new thread, stitch, colour combination and keep practicing – one stitch at a time.


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