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Fibre Content 2018: the misses!

At the encouragement of a friend I submitted three pieces into the Fibre Content 2018 show being held in the Art Gallery of Burlington from September 6 to 16, 2018. One of the three was accepted! Fibre Content is an exhibit of Canadian fibre art with works in fabric, yarn, paper, and mixed media.

Pixelation I

Artist Statement 

Pixels are the smallest unit of information that makes up an image. What do the they reveal in Pixelation 1?

Pixelation I textile painting by Doris Lovadina-Lee, small bright mosaic squares fused and machine quilted in black frame
Pixelation I by Doris Lovadina-Lee
11 x 14 inches, fabric, dye, thread
Data 2.0 textile painting by Doris Lovadina-Lee
Data 2.0 by Doris Lovadina-Lee
27 x 41.5 inches, fabric, dye, thread

Data 2.0

Artist Statement

Data 2.0 explores the connection between the pixelation occurring in digital formats and the ancient technique of mosaics. One obscures while the other creates patterns.

To see the textile painting that made it along with 90 other fibre art pieces, join me at the Opening Reception at the Art Gallery of Burlington on September 9, 2018 from 1pm to 3 pm. The show will be on from Sept. 6-16, 2018. Visit the Burlington Art Gallery to see some of the best Canadian works in fibre. See you there!

Shop KOKITO for snow dyed shibori scarves!

I spent a lovely day in Prince Edward County meeting Shelley of KOKITO. This is a charming shop on Main Street in the town of Bloomfield, Ontario where the owners, Shelley Durnin and Jennifer Hadenne curate a beautiful selection of Canadian made and designed items. 


lamps, hoodies, bags handmade in canada available in Kokito a shop in southern ontario

Bloomfield is a small town located in the centre of the County. The Main Street is lined with small shops, restaurants and galleries. Everything is within walking distance and the shore of Lake Ontario is close by.

scarves, blankets, pillows and cards on display in back of Kokito store, locally made artisan shopThe shop stocks a great selection and variety of products all made by local artisans. Shelley and Jennifer source all the wares they sell in the shop personally, so every member of the family can find something they love. Kokito’s motto is: “Canadian Design and Lakeside Living” and this certainly describes the aesthetic of the shop.  

Shelves with hand made canadian items in KOKITO shop, Bloomfield Ontario

KOKITO store in Bloomfield ontario gift shop

I am happy to share that Kokito will be carrying my snow dyed shibori scarves as well as indigo napkins and table runners. The stack of hand dyed pieces below will already be out on display in the shop. 

shibori scarves, hand dyed placemats, indigo table runner available at Kokito in Bloomfield ontario shop

Prince Edward County is an area of southern Ontario that I had not visited. It has been described by friends as a beautiful, peaceful, yet vibrant place. I can see why! I hope you have the opportunity to travel to Bloomfield and meander around this pretty little town. When you do, visit Kokito and shop the beautiful locally made artisanal products for yourself or to give as gifts. You won’t be disappointed! 

New textile painting in the Fineline series

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with the intention of creating some artwork. I was able to do so at a quilt retreat I attended recently. I went to the retreat with the intention of playing and trying something new. The result was this small minimal modern textile painting created with Oakshott Fabrics and one of my hand dyed linens.

small textile painting being quilted by doris lovadina-lee

doris lovadina-lee's machine quilted textile painting

fineline textile painting with oakshott cottons

detail oakshott minimal modern fineline series textile art

It was so much fun to sit and create without expectations! The shot cottons have a beautiful sheen as does the linen. The fabrics add a lot of depth and the machine quilting provide texture. This piece doesn’t have a name yet. What would you call it?

Best artwork of 2017!

Nine of my best liked Instagram posts from 2017. These were automatically generated by logging into:

Best hand dyed scarves, best artwork, best quilts by doris lovadina-lee instagram best nine toronto ontario canada

An interesting way to see your work in relation to how others see it. I was surprised at a couple of inclusions.

Instagram is such a great platform for capturing snapshots of your work. I use Instagram quite a bit in my work to:

  • record works in progress
  • record finished pieces
  • to help me ‘see’ my work at a distance
  • create a visual list take when shopping for materials
  • send information to others

How do you use Instagram in your work?

Introduction to Encaustic Painting Image Transfer Workshop

I have been intrigued by encaustic wax paintings. This is a very old art form that used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Yellow House Gallery in Toronto offered a class on this art form as well as photo image transfer. I signed up to take this afternoon workshop and had so much fun!

Photo Image Transfer

Encaustic painting workshop yellowhouse gallery toronto ontario

A mixture of beeswax and damar resin are melted together and applied to cradled birch panels.

Yellow house gallery workshop toronto ontario encaustic wax painting

Two coats of wax applied to the wooden board. Both processes begin with this step. For the photo image transfer, a photocopy is placed right side onto the wax and pressed into the wax with a smooth object. The ink transfers into the wax and then the paper is removed by carefully washing it off.Photo image transfer of stone wall photograph taken in italy by doris lovadina-lee

This photograph was taken in Italy of a stone house. I love the texture and colours. The paper film is not completely removed yet.

image transfer of italian stone wall with arched windows taken by doris lovadina lee toronto

At this stage of the photo transfer there are still bits of paper left to be removed, but I can see the what the finished piece looks like and am so happy with it.

Encaustic Wax Painting

wax and heat gun for the encaustic wax workshop at the yellowhouse gallery toronto kingston road

The second piece involved painting with coloured wax. I also wanted to incorporate some textiles into the artwork. I brought a small amount of embellishments that I thought might work, including silk fabric, beads, bark, shells and beaded embroidery floss.

first layer melted wax for encaustic painting by doris lovadinal-lee

Two layers of clear wax are applied to the cradled board first and then the coloured wax. Here I’ve added my first layer of colour by mixing black and white wax.

second layer of wax for encaustic painting workshop

Second layer of colour is a beautiful shade of red, thinned by clear wax.

silk, seashells encaustic wax painting by doris lovadina-lee made in toronto canada

Stripes of silk and embellishments were positioned and a layer of wax applied.

beads, silk and sea shells in encaustic wax art work by doris lovadina-lee

A beautiful pearlescent powder was used to highlight certain areas. After a few days of curing, the wax will dry clear.

close-up detail of encaustic wax artwork by doris lovadina-lee

Close-up of the embellishments, texture and colour.

vashty and christina a the yellow house gallery kingston road toronto ontario canada

Christina Kostoff owner and director of the Yellow House Gallery and Vashty Hawkins artist and teacher holding my first encaustic painting. Vashty will be teaching more encaustic and photo image transfer classes this winter at the Yellow House Gallery, visit the website for more information.



Metamorphosis is the triptych that completes the series that I began 2015. Chrysalis Awakening was the first in this series and was created  for the “It’s Time for Colour Show.”  Quilters who had participated in the National Juried Show in 2015 were asked if they were interested in creating an art piece to be donated to raise funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

three leaf quilts of the stages of a butterfly metamorphosis by doris lovadina-lee, on display at the National Juried Show
Metamorphosis triptych

I knew I wanted to complete the series, it was finally completed and I entered the triptych into the National Juried show in 2016. It was accepted into the Art – Naturescapes, Pictorial Wall Quilts.

doris's caterpiller in the quilted leaves of the metamorphosis series of quilts by doris
Metamorphosis triptych – Caterpillar
Egg or larvae in the metamorphosis of a butterfly quilted by doris lovadina-lee
Metamorphosis triptych – egg
butterfly beneath the leaf of the metamorphosis triptych by doris
Metamorphosis triptych – Butterfly

This was a fun project to work on and it was interesting to see the visitors’ reactions when they noticed the hidden surprises!

Cosmos quilt

I have fallen in love with dyeing fabric! Each time I dye fabrics I am amazed at the results. Each piece of hand dyed fabric is unique. This beautiful mandala was snow dyed along with a few other pieces of cotton and I wanted to use this piece without cutting into it.

minimal modern mandala art quilt by doris lovadina-lee
Cosmos fabric selection 2

I auditioned a variety of hand dyed fabrics for the outside edges. I decided to quilt as you go, keeping the borders separate from the mandala.

Cosmos fabric selection using Doris lovadina-Lee's hand dyed and snow dyed cotton quilting fabric
Cosmos fabric selection 1

The mandala was machine quilted in a spiral with a walking foot, once I got close to the edge, I stopped, added the borders and continued with the spiral.

Cosmos detail of spiral machine quilting with Bernina sewing machine by doris lovadina-lee
Cosmos detail stitching

I also quilted the corner block in a small spiral, echoing the larger mandala.

Cosmos detail of corner of mandala art quilt with Doris' snow dyed cotton fabric
Cosmos detail corner
snow dyed fabric created by doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario canada
snow dyed fabric

This is one of the snow dyed shibori fabrics that was dyed at the same time as the mandala, so the colours worked well together. I cut into this piece to make the corner block.

Cosmos mandala art quilt by doris lovadina-lee

2016 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
45 x 50 inches
Hand dyed fabric, thread

Slow stitching – book and sample

I’ve been spending a little time doing some hand work. I was inspired to go back to a project I started 2 years ago after reading: Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art by Claire Wellesley-Smith.

Wellesley-Smith, Claire. Slow Stitch: mindful and contemplative textile art. London: Batsford, c2015.
Wellesley-Smith, Claire. Slow Stitch: mindful and contemplative textile art. London: Batsford, c2015.

This book is beautifully illustrated with projects by Claire Wellesley-Smith, a textile artist working in Yorkshire, England. She blogs about her work at:

Running stitch with perle cotton on wool
Running stitch with perle cotton on wool

Slow Stitch discusses how the Slow Movement, originally the Slow Food Movement started by Carlo Petrini in Italy, relates to textiles. Examples of Claire’s work and those of :

are included in this beautifully photographed book. There is a lot of inspiration and also a few ideas for starting your own slow stitching projects.

Slow stitch art quilt
Slow stitch art quilt

The piece I am working on shown above started with an embroidery I began when I was a member of the Canadian  Embroiderers’ Guild Guelph. I made a few small pieces incorporating all the fun techniques we were taught. But, the samples languished in a cupboard until my mother suggested that I incorporate them into my quilting.

This embroidered and beaded quilt really is a slow project! I see that I blogged about this project first in December 2014 and then in 2015!

Island Sands
Island Sands

The piece I am currently working is a companion piece to Island Sands which was completed a few years ago.

Island Sands detail
Island Sands detail

I especially like the texture created on the silk noile – ripples left behind in the sand when the tide goes out.

Slow stitch supplies
Slow stitch supplies

I’ve collected up the threads, fabrics, and beads I may use and placed them all together in a plastic box. Hopefully this will keep me organized and on track to finally finish this very slow but satisfying stitching.

Quilts on the Wall Exhibition, June 2017 – sneak peak!

Quilts On The Wall is an art quilting group that my friends: Helen Garland, Catherine Clarke and I formed. We will be exhibiting our textile art in a month long exhibition this June 2017.

quilted art postcard by doris lovadina-lee using mosaic piecing

I created a small postcard using the technique and style I am developing for this exhibit. Small squares of fuchsia hand dyed fabric is fused and stitched onto a mottled gray cotton. The finished piece is 4″ x 6″, the dimensions of a regular postcard.

mosaic art quilt by doris lovadina-lee using hand dyed fabrics The next two pieces are slightly larger and are still in progress. Machine and hand quilting have yet to be added. These three pieces are the beginnings of a series of work using a fused mosaic technique.

doris lovadina-lee's blue and green hand dyed mosaic cotton art quilt

Each one of us is busy creating new art to display at the S. Walter Stewart Branch of the Toronto Public Library. More information about the exhibit, including more photographs of works in progress will be forthcoming. I hope that you will be able to join us in June when the exhibit opens!

More from World of Threads 2016

I took a few more photographs at the World of Threads Festival that closed this past weekend. This was my first time attending and I was awed by the talent, imagination and whimsy of the artists. Enjoy a small selection of the beautiful pieces at the show.

Laundry is for the Birds by Pamela Allen
Laundry is for the Birds by Pamela Allen
Detail from Laundry is for the Birds by Pamela Allen
Detail from Laundry is for the Birds by Pamela Allen
Terry by Marie Bergstedt
Terry by Marie Bergstedt
Detail from Terry by Marie Bergstedt
Detail from Terry by Marie Bergstedt
Social Community1, 2 and 4 by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs
Social Community by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs
Detail of Social Community 4 by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs
Detail of Social Community 4 by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs
Nine Tales by Joyce Watkins King
Nine Tales by Joyce Watkins King
Interactions #9 by Gerri Spilka
Interactions #9 by Gerri Spilka
Corridor Gallery featuring Gerri Spilka of Philadelphia, Pennsylania
Corridor Gallery featuring Gerri Spilka of Philadelphia, Pennsylania
Detail from Interactions #26 by Gerri Spilka
Detail from Interactions #26 by Gerri Spilka
Interactions #26 by Gerri Spilka
Interactions #26 by Gerri Spilka
Detail from Interactions #11 by Gerri Spilka
Detail from Interactions #11 by Gerri Spilka
Display by Neha Puri Dhir from Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Display by Neha Puri Dhir from Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Ripplet by Neha Puri Dhir
Ripplet by Neha Puri Dhir
Detail of Ripplet by Neha Puri Dhir
Detail of Ripplet by Neha Puri Dhir


Intersect by Neha Puri Dhir
Intersect by Neha Puri Dhir


Detail from Intersect by Neha Puri Dhir
Detail from Intersect by Neha Puri Dhir


Fragment by Neha Puri Dhir
Fragment by Neha Puri Dhir
Detail from Fragment by Neha Puri Dhir
Detail from Fragment by Neha Puri Dhir

Wishing you all a creative week!


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