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Best artwork of 2017!

Nine of my best liked Instagram posts from 2017. These were automatically generated by logging into:

Best hand dyed scarves, best artwork, best quilts by doris lovadina-lee instagram best nine toronto ontario canada

An interesting way to see your work in relation to how others see it. I was surprised at a couple of inclusions.

Instagram is such a great platform for capturing snapshots of your work. I use Instagram quite a bit in my work to:

  • record works in progress
  • record finished pieces
  • to help me ‘see’ my work at a distance
  • create a visual list take when shopping for materials
  • send information to others

How do you use Instagram in your work?

Community Centre 55 Fall Fair Booth

Spent the day outdoors this past Saturday participating in Community Centre 55 Fall Fair. It was a beautiful hot day – more like summer than the beginning of fall! The tent held hand-made items by @peggythompson, @amysplacehandmade and myself.

booth with hand dyed items at the Community Centre 55 Fall Fair toronto ontario canada

Peggy is hanging up her tie-dyed t-shirts and had her beautiful jewellery is on display at the rear of the tent. Soy candles, bath salts and soaps scented with essential oils created by Amy from Amy’s Place HandMade were available. Her teacup candles are so beautiful!

doris lovadina-lee's booth at the community centre 55 fall fair toronto

Hand dyed shibori scarves are hanging, catching the breeze!

silk scarves by doris lovadina-lee at fall fair kimberley public school toronto


hand dyed pouches and postcards by doris lovadina-lee

l brought a selection of pouches made with hand dyed canvas and repurposed leather. Also on display are some of the quilted art postcards made with hand dyed fabrics and beading.

indigo table runners, napkins and vintage linens by doris lovadina-lee

Indigo table runners, dinner sized napkins, and pillow cases are on display.

Shibori hand dyed linen and cotton pillows made by doris lovadina-lee

Pillows made with indigo dyed cotton, cotton/linen.

quilted art postcards and hand dyed pillowcases by doris lovadina-lee at Centre 55 fall fair booth

It was great to spend some time outside talking to people from the neighbourhood.


Photographs of newest shibori scarves

I had the opportunity to have my scarves photographed by my friend Joanne. We decided to use a beautiful wooden desk. The scarves are draped to beautifully show off the change in colours and the shibori designs.

Hand dyed scarves by doris lovadina-lee designs toronto, ontario, canada

Wool and silk hand dyed scarf by doris lovadina-lee

blue, yellow and green hand dyed shibori scarves by

Itajime shibori silk scarf by doris lovadina-lee

itajime and arashi shibori cotton scarves by doris lovadina-lee

parfait dyed silk scarves by doris lovadina-lee designs toronto, ontario

Doris Lovadina-Lee hand dyed scarves

arashi shibori crepe back satin scarf by doris

fuchsia wool and silk scarf handdyed by doris lovadina-lee

man's wool itajime shibori hand dyed scarf by doris lovadina-lee toronto canada

I hope you enjoyed viewing the gallery of scarves. Some of these scarves have already sold!

On Saturday Sept. 23, 2017 I will have a selection of hand dyed items including scarves at the Community Centre 55 annual Fall Festival. The festival is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Kimberely Public School, 50 Swanwick Ave., Toronto, ON.

Come out to support the centre, begin your Christmas shopping, and enjoy the afternoon with your family. See you there!

Urban Market at Trillium Park, Ontario Place Labour Day Weekend

Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors. This Labour Day weekend spend time at the new Trillium Park at Ontario Place. I will be displaying my hand dyed original scarves along with 30 other vendors at the Urban Market. This event coincides with the 150th Anniversary Festival at Ontario Place.

urban market at Trillium Park Ontario Place Jewellery display by Peggy Thompson

Amy from Amy’s Place Handmade, Peggy from Jewellery by Peggy and I will be showing off all of our beautiful handmade goods at the Urban Market.

candles by Amy's Place Handmade, jewellery by Peggy Thompson and scarves by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Soy candles by @amysplacehandmade

Bird houses from Amy's Place Handmade, mala bracelet by Peggy Thompson and silk scarf by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Silk scarves by @lovadina.lee

Indigo napkin, jewellery, wooden accessories at the urban Market, Ontario Place Canada

Jewellery by @peggythompson

Shibori scarves by Doris Lovadina-Lee, candles by @amysplacehandmade at Ontario Place Urban Market

soap, scarves, candles, jewellery at the Urban Market Ontario Place on the Labour Day weekend

Urban Market at Trillium Park, Ontario Place

Labour Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday

September 2-3

11am to 5pm

Amy, Peggy and I hope to see you there!

Silk Scarf Workshop at Amy’s Handmade Place

A group of creative women gathered together on Sunday at Amy’s Handmade Place to make their own hand dyeing silk scarves. Peggy (@peggythompson) listened attentively while I showed examples.

I demonstrated how to fold scarves to create different shibori designs. These pictures show glimpses of Amy’s beautiful studio space, located in the back of her shop: Amy’s Handmade Place. There is even a small deck outside the back where we enjoyed showing off our scarves.

Wendy (Pook & Thy) mixing up the dyes – turquoise and fuchsia for her scarf.

Scarves were rinsed but not yet washed and dried. They couldn’t resist showing off their handiwork!

Washed, and ironed. Lovely and soft. It was a fun day showing these eager students how to dye silk scarves.

Ginnie, Peggy and Amy wearing their very stylish scarves.

Amy and I in her store, can you see another one of my hand dyed scarves in the background?

There is another workshop scheduled for June 11th,  join us!


Silk Scarf Dyeing: an Artisanal Workshop

I am very happy to be teaching two afternoon workshops at Amy’s Place Handmade at 155 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario. Working in a sunny, bright studio, we will be dyeing a one-of-a-kind beautiful silk scarf. The dates are Sunday May 28, 2017 and Sunday June 11, 2017 from 12-3.

Artisan workshop silk scarf dyeing poster

The Process

Step 1: Folding, twisting and preparing scarf.

Scarves folded ready for dyeing

Step 2: Applying dye

scarves folded and dyed

Step 3: Rinsing and washing scarf

scarf folded and rinsed

Step 4: Admiring scarf!

scarf washed and pressed

Below are a few scarves I have dyed using very simple techniques that create beautiful textures and designs.

blue green shibori scarf

orange brown shibori scarf

red arashi shibori scarf

I hope that you will join me at Amy’s Place Handmade. Take a few hours for yourself to learn a new technique, make some new friends, have some fun and go home wearing your own original silk scarf.

Artisan workshop silk scarf dyeing instagram

See you there!


Overdyeing silk scarf

One of the pieces of silk fabric I snow dyed resulted in a beautiful palette of spring greens. A mandala is centered on the 36″ silk square.

At the same time, I dyed a long silk scarf. The results of this piece was not as successful. A small amount of the dye was deposited on the outside of the folded triangle, while the centre folds had almost no dye.

Silk scarf

I decided to put this scarf into another dye bath. I had already washed it out, so I pressed it into the same folds as the first time I dyed it and proceeded to dip it into a turquoise dye bath.

Silk scarf unfolded

The results are much more interesting and vibrant! Don’t be afraid to dip your fabrics back into another dye bath, if you aren’t pleased with your results.


Arashi Shibori scarf or art?

My favorite fabric dyeing technique is Arashi Shibori. It creates such a gorgeous design. It can be bold with strong lines or delicate with fine veining. This burgundy silk scarf has the latter effect.

Red silk scarf Arashi Shibori
Red silk scarf Arashi Shibori

It would look lovely just hanging as an art piece.

Red silk scarf Arashi Shibori
Red silk scarf Arashi Shibori

It would be equally lovely hanging around your neck!


Wool Shibori Scarves

I found some very lightweight wool scarves that I experimented dyeing using fiber reactive dyes and Shibori techniques. I was very hesitant working with wool, but the results were beautiful! The scarf below is a very rich coral colour. It was rolled around a string, pulled tightly, immersed in the dye solution and steamed.

Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori
Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori

Working with wool resulted in a shopping trip to a charity shop to buy a pot that I could use to actually steam the scarf. Luckily, I found an enamel pot with steamer insert and lid – perfect for my needs. Once you have used an item to dye, you can no longer use it in your kitchen. After making certain my family was aware that the new pot was off limits, I began having fun.

Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori
Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori

My fear working with wool was that I would shrink and felt the scarf, but by slowly heating and then cooling the scarf completely before washing the dye out, there was no problem.

Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori
Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori

You can see how fine the wool is in the photo above. The pattern shows through the undyed portions. I was also surprised at how little dye washed out of the scarves. The wool absorbs the dyes beautifully.

Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori
Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori

The wool scarves have a lovely soft hand and are just right under a coat, and lightweight enough to use inside as a fashion accessory. I have another scarf to dye and can’t decide on the colour. What’s your favorite colour?


Indigo dyeing weekend

I spent two days of the long weekend dyeing a variety of cloth with Indigo. These are just three of about 30 pieces I dyed.

cotton cushion top wrapped and tied
cotton cushion top wrapped and tied

This cotton square was first wrapped around an empty plastic serving thread spool, held with an elastic band and wrapped with thread.

cotton cushion top unwrapped and untied
cotton cushion top unwrapped and untied

When first unwrapped, it has a very sculptural quality. This will flatten out when it is washed and pressed.

Indigo Nui shibori cotton cushion top string removed
Indigo Nui shibori cotton cushion top string removed

This cotton square was gathered on the diagonal and wrapped with long thin strips of fabric.

Indigo Nui shibori cotton cushion top string removed and diagonal design showing
Indigo Nui shibori cotton cushion top string removed and diagonal design showing

I like to wrap the strips so that there is a little space for the dye to seep in. This creates some lovely lines.

Indigo Nui shibori cotton/linen cushion top
Indigo Nui shibori cotton/linen cushion top

This cotton/linen rectangle was folded into thirds and triangles stitched across. There are three rows of stitching in each one.

Indigo Nui shibori cotton/linen cushion top unwrapped
Indigo Nui shibori cotton/linen cushion top unwrapped

Once unwrapped rows of squares appear in three rows.

There are heaps of washing and ironing in my future!


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