snow dyeing

Overdyeing silk scarf

One of the pieces of silk fabric I snow dyed resulted in a beautiful palette of spring greens. A mandala is centered on the 36″ silk square. At the same time, I dyed a long silk scarf. The results of this piece was not as successful. A small amount of the dye was deposited on …

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Snow dyed fabric

I love fuchsias, pinks and reds. These colours make me happy and energized. It’s the colour palette I gravitate towards when choosing colours for a project.   All of the two metre pieces of cotton were dyed with snow in December. I love that each piece of fabric has a change of pattern and colour intensity from edge to …

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Hand dyed parfait

There was some dye left from the three colours (red, blue and black) of Procion MX dyes I used on the second day of snow dyeing. I decided to use the parfait technique described in Ann Johnston’s book: Color by accident. I scrunched up the first metre of the pfd cotton in a small container, and began layering the …

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Results of Snow Dyeing

The snow dyed fabric looked a very dark before it was rinsed. I could see some purple and a little blue, but mostly it looked grey and black. After, the fabric was washed, the vibrant colours and stunning patterns were revealed. It’s always a surprise to see the washed results of snow dyeing, you can’t predict the colour …

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