More hand dyed fabric for quilting

Here are the rest of the hand dyed fabrics that I dyed in Malka’s workshop.

hand dyed fabrics folded

These were also stamped with a variety of tools to create the designs.

Hand Blocked Fish
Hand Blocked Fish

The fish were stamped with a woodcut block from Malka’s collection. The purple fabric below was stamped as well.

Hand Blocked Cross
Hand Blocked Cross

The following two pieces were created using a small paintbrush dipped in wax.

Hand dyed stripe
Hand dyed stripe
hand dyed pink fabric
Hand dyed pink stripe

This green hand dyed fabric had the wax applied with a plastic comb. It didn’t work out like I thought it would, but I like the effect anyway.

hand dyed green fabric
Hand dyed green fabric

Now they are ready to incorporate into a quilt!


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