President’s challenge quilt 2015

The president of the Yorkshire Rose of Quilters’ Guild of Toronto has issued a challenge! We are to make a 12 in square quilt using the world Spring as inspiration. I selected a beautiful fabric I purchased from Country Clothesline online store. Sylvia the owner has a wonderfully curated shop.

Always blooming fabric by Susy Pilgrim Waters
Always Blooming fabric by Susy Pilgrim Waters

I was attracted to the large scale print and bold colours of Always Blooming. It came home with me even though I didn’t know what I would do with it.

Always blooming fabric by Susy Pilgrim Waters
detail from Always Blooming fabric by Susy Pilgrim Waters

When the President’s Challenge was issued and the inspiration word spring was announced, definitions of the word were given to expand our ideas beyond the obvious. I must admit that the season was the first thought I had. Later, I looked up spring in the dictionary and thesaurus  for inspiration. I wanted to create something beyond the obvious but when I looked through my stash and came across this piece of fabric, I knew I had the beginning of my quilt.

Always blooming selections
Always Blooming with fabric selections

I isolated a small section of the print and pulled a selection of fabrics from my stash. As you can see below the piece is a rectangle, I inserted too many strips. The piece only needs to be 12 inches square when completed. I will be doing a bit of quilting, so that will shrink the quilt a bit, but I will need to crop off some of the outside edges.

Quilt top in process
Quilt top in process using Always Blooming fabric by Susy Pilgrim Waters

I’ve pieced the top and the next step is to quilt it. I plan on adding some embellishments, such as organza ribbon and maybe some beading. This challenge is due in May more work is needed before its done!


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