Some Kind of Blue – President’s challenge 2016

My quilt for the Yorkshire Rose Quilter’s Guild of Toronto president’s challenge is a reference to the best-selling jazz record recorded by Miles Davis: Kind of Blue.

Previewing indigo fabrics for the president's challenge
Previewing indigo fabrics for the president’s challenge

This year, the president asked the members to create a 12 x 12 inch quilt based on a song or song title. The quilt could be made with any technique, with or without embellishments. I pieced the top using my hand dyed indigo fabrics.

President's challenge quilt top: pieced
President’s challenge quilt top: pieced

The nui shibori strips were fussy cut from a piece of indigo linen that I dyed in the summer, while the rest is cotton. I added a hint of gold to reference the trumpet that Miles Davis plays.

Some Kind of Blue - detail
Some Kind of Blue

The quilt top was heavily quilted with straight lines using a walking foot.

YRQGPresident's challenge detail 2016
Some Kind of Blue – detail

Kind of Blue is a great album that contains a couple of songs with blue in the title including: Blue in Green and All blues.  What’s your favourite song?


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