Small Vibrant Path

My son’s last school art project involved selecting a Canadian artist and creating a piece based on their style. My son chose me!

The Vibrant path quilt original artwork gabriel based on doris lovadina-lee's quilt
Small Vibrant Path project by Gabriel Lee

He spent some time looking at the photos on my blog and selected The Vibrant Path. I was very pleased and surprised! He very carefully drew out his design in pencil and then coloured it in with pencil crayons.

art project by Gabriel lee based on the Vibrant Path quilt by doris lovadina-lee toronto quilter
Small Vibrant Path by Gabriel Lee

He also researched the artist and wrote a couple of paragraphs describing their work and some background information.

Small Vibrant Path description of Gabriel Lee's artwork
Small Vibrant Path description

I blogged about The Vibrant Path last year. Have a look at both pieces.

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