Vacation inspirations

Many of us have hundreds of photographs taken during our vacations. Digital cameras have made it easy to take and store images. How often do you go back and look at them?

cement tiles in turquoise, brown and white on floor in Mexico
Mayan Riviera tile

Looking through holiday pictures can stimulate creativity. Look closely and see what design ideas are hiding in plain sight.

ceiling trusses of the palapa in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Patterns on tiles, floors and ceilings can inspire quilt blocks or quilting designs.

turquoise glaze on a ceramic jar in lobby of hotel in the Mayan Riviera
Mayan Riviera jar

The patina and colours found in pottery and nature can inspire unique colour palettes and applique shapes.

veins of a leaf of a tropical plant in mexico
Mayan Riviera leaf

The texture of bark  can inspire a machine or hand quilting pattern.

bark of a tree trunk in Mexico
Mayan Riviera tree trunk
fossils embedded in walls of hotel in the Mayan Riviera
Mayan Riviera fossils

Look back at your vacation photographs, enjoy reminiscing and then take a closer look at all the designs that inspire your creativity!


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