AQS 2016 Quilt Show: My Favorites

I didn’t photograph every quilt in the AQS quilt show in Syracuse but I was tempted! So many outstanding quilts were on display, it was overwhelming to take them all in. Of course, I did take some photos.

My Favorite Quilts (in no particular order):

AQS_Beavers_The Whole
The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Ireland Beaver

I love that Cassandra changed the colour of the thread as she quilted through each segment of the circle. There is a very subtle shadow of colour on the white fabric.

Shelter by Ann Horton

I love the beautiful soft colour of the eggs against the graphic black and white of the quilt.

Shelter (detail) by Ann Horton

Ann’s quilt is beautifully quilted with leaves and branches supporting the nest.

AQS_Nufer_Mimi's View
Mimi’s View by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick

My photograph doesn’t do justice to this amazing vista created by Beth and long arm quilted by Clem. It looks like you could walk through the archway into a beautiful summer day.

Nighthawk by Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers

Claudia’s great sense of colour and design are apparent in this skillfully  pieced quilt. Marilyn’s long arm quilting adds beautiful depth to the design.

AQS_Taylor_Trois port de
Trois Port De (aka 3 doors up) by Chris Taylor

I really liked Chris’ improvisationally pieced log cabin blocks in turquoise interspersed with purple and red. They really pop against the black background.

AQS_Taylor_Trois port de_detail
Trois Port De (aka 3 doors up) detail by Chris Taylor
AQS_Griner_View from the microscope
View from the Microscope: Pickled Paramecia by Connie Kincuis Griner

The name of the quilt made me laugh! Connie, seems to have a good sense of humour and definitely a good sense of design. The machine quilting added visual interest and lots of texture.

AQS_Sobotka_Silk Road Sampler
Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sobotka

Melissa’s quilt was absolutley amazing to see in person. It appeared as if you could pluck one of the pillows off the shelf!

AQS_Fulton_Loving Laszlo
Loving Laszlo by Charli Fulton

Charli’s quilting highlighted the strong design.

Baubles by Cassandra Ireland Beaver

Cassandra’s quilt was whimsical, fun and amazingly machine quilted!

AQS_Esch_Abandoned in long valley
Abandoned in Long Valley by Carol Esch and Lois Walters

I really loved this quilt, the texture and colours really gave the impression of faded wood. Gorgeous work by Carol and Lois.

AQS__Bower_ Dottie's lament
Dottie’s Lament by Sue Bower

This quilt made me smile. Sue has certainly written a great caption for her version: FIRST KISS #20 (1961) by Vince Colletta.

I encourage everyone to go out and visit quilt shows in person. Photographs don’t do justice to the amazing pieces of art on display. Go and visit a show soon!




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