Primroses and Blueberry Green Teas in Syracuse

I attended the American Quilter’s Society quilt show in Syracuse this July. There were many beautiful quilts on display including two quilts made by my friends Helen and Marcia.

Primroses by Helen Garland at the AQS Syracuse New York show
Sign of Spring: Primroses by Helen Garland

Helen is a quilter who loves piecing. She has designed, pieced and quilted beautiful art quilts using photographs she has taken. This quilt  was designed from a photograph she took of yellow primroses. All of her quilts are machine pieced with no applique. They are all truly stunning, with lots of details and beautifully machine quilted. Sign of Spring: Primroses is her first entry into an AQS show.

Blueberry Green Teas by Marcia DeCamp at the Syracuse quilt show
Blueberry Green Teas by Marcia DeCamp

Marcia is a contemporary quilter who uses her hand dyed fabrics to create beautiful abstract quilts. Blueberry Green Teas is part of her Geometrics series. It is created using her hand dyed fabrics, some commercial fabrics and skillfully machine quilted. Blueberry Green Teas won an Honorable Mention in the Small Wall Quilts Longarm Machine Quilted category at the AQS Paducah show in Paducah, KY, in April of this year.

American Quilters Society quilt show with Marcia's blueberry tea, Helen and Jeanne
Helen, Jeanne and Marcia in front of Blueberry Green Teas

Jeanne Simpson is a contemporary fibre artist who designs abstract geometric quilts. She and Marcia attended the show and we were fortunate to be able to meet in person.

Helen, Doris, Marcia and Jeanne with Primroses at the AQS show Syracuse
Helen, myself, Marcia and Jeanne in front of Signs of Spring: Primroses

It was wonderful to meet up, take some photos, talk about art, and quilting. Plans are being made for us to get together at another art show early this fall. How often do you meet with your friends and enjoy seeing some amazing art?


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