French provincial armchair reupholstered!

One of my very long term unfinished projects was reupholstering an armchair from my mom. She no longer wanted it and offered it to my sister and I. I accepted it for my sister 🙂

red velvet french provincial armchair

The plan was to remove the red velvet, reconfigure the seat, change the tufted back and paint the wood frame. The french provincial style and the new feminine fabrics would be perfect for her dressing room.

painted curved chair leg doris lovadina-lee toronto

One of the first stumbling blocks to this project was the size of the chair. I could not get it down into our basement, which meant I could only work on it outside or in the kitchen. As you can see in the previous photos, the removing of all the old upholstery and painting happened on our back deck. The rest of the work was done in our kitchen! When I say my entire house is my studio, I am not kidding.

French provincial armchair in pink reupholstered by doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario canada
closeup of pillow on armchair by doris lovadina-lee
floral and solid upholstered chair in front of staircase

My very first Instagram post was a photo of the fabrics for this project! Did you notice the date? It only took three and half years to complete – May 6, 2015 to December 30, 2018. I may not be speedy, but I am persistent!

Finishing this project and another even longer term unfinished project is helping me focus on what I want to achieve in 2019. It has freed up space for new projects, including a new series of textile paintings, and the 100 Day Stitch Meditation Project. How have you prepared for 2019?


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