Stitch Meditation – Day 5 and 6

So far, I have been able to keep up with stitching quietly twice a week. It is difficult to quickly select the fabrics and thread for each square. I am spending more time in the selection process than I would like.

Doris lovadina-Lee`s stitch meditation day 5 green cotton, hand dyed metallic linen, sari silk, perle cotton thread
Hand dyed cotton and metallic linen, recycled sari silk, hand dyed perle cotton

Doris' stitch meditation day 6 white linen, purple and blue silk cotton and rayon thread
Linen, silk, rayon and cotton thread

Stitching french knots on the meditation square for day 6 took longer than I thought it would. I chose to do running stitches on the other side because it suited the piece and also because it was faster. Now that I look at this piece, I don’t think it is complete and I may go back and add more stitches to the linen. Also of note, I’ve used both sides of the beautiful silk scrap above. Don’t overlook the other side!

Stitch Resources

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  • Pinterest: Follow and contribute your stitch meditations to 100 Day Stitch Meditation Challenge
  • Instagram: follow the #stitchmeditation2019 tag to see what others are posting, don’t forget to add this tag to your posts

Have you to tried a new pattern, technique, hand sewing needle? Take this opportunity to keep practicing – one stitch at a time.

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