Stitch Meditation – 1st Month Review

I have been hand stitching and completed six squares in the first month of 2019. So far I have been able to keep up with the schedule I made for myself. Sometimes I have time and the will to begin a second square after finishing one. I have also selected fabrics I think will look good together, so when I sit down to do the actual stitching, I am ready to go!

6 five inch squares with hand stitching from first month of project by doris lovadina-lee toronto artist
First month review of 100 Day Stitch Meditations

You will notice a difference in the bottom right square. It was stitched for Day 6 and when it was first posted, there were no stitches on the white linen. But, I didn’t feel as if the piece was complete, so I added more hand stitches in purple perle cotton.

Looking back at the first month:

Where are you on your journey? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started, just pick up some fabric and thread and make some marks on your cloth – one stitch at a time.


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