Stitch Meditation – Day 11 and 12

Rummaging through the container I prepared filled with scraps of my hand dyed fabrics, I pull out pieces I have forgotten about. These snippets of cloth are intriguing. Separate from the larger piece, where they once belonged. They tell a story unto themselves.

Hand dyed cotton, indigo dyed silk, indigo dyed perle cotton

Layering stitches and ribbon to accentuate the beautiful colors and textures, small pictures develop.

Day 12 stitch meditation of the 100 day stitch meditation journey by doris lovadina-lee quilter toronto canada
Repurposed silk, hand dyed ribbon, metallic thread

Stitch Resources

  • Article: The Intimacy of Hand stitching by Amanda J. Clayton
  • Website: Textile artist Amanda Clayton
  • Blog: Dreaming in Stitches a tangled yarn by Ann Pawley

I hope you are enjoying the process – one stitch at a time!

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