Stitch Meditation – Day 7 and 8

Stitch meditation for day 7, a five inch square with charcol gray, small pink square, rectangular light grey piece stitched to sliver of pink cotton
Hand dyed cotton, rayon thread, hand dyed perle cotton

These are stitch meditations for the 100 Day Stitch Meditation challenge I have set for myself. I am quietly sitting down twice a week in 2019 to hand stitch a five inch square of fabric.

Day 8 stitch meditation of the 100 day stitch meditation journey by doris lovadina-lee quilter toronto canada
Linen, silk, hand dyed perle cotton, cotton thread

Stitch Resources

  • Blog: post by Roberta Wagner
  • ebook: The Power of Five Basic Stitches by Sue Stone

What have you been working on? Keep practicing – one stitch at a time.


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