Stitch Meditation – Day 13 and 14

Day 13 stitch meditation of the 100 day stitch meditation challenge by toronto artist doris lovadina-lee canada
Indigo wool and perle cotton

Roberta Wagner: Artist

Roberta Wagner is a mixed media artist who uses thread and fabrics in her art practice. I first saw Roberta’s work on Pinterest. Her artwork is calming, ethereal and beautiful. Not surprising since her work is inspired by gardens and a Japanese aesthetic.

Photo Courtesy of Roberta Wagner from Horizon Lines series

Roberta originally began her art career in ceramics and paint. By 2012, tired of the chemicals and dust, Roberta turned to cloth, paint and stitch as her medium. Her blog post: Changing Mediums explains her decision to use textiles in her art practice.

grey square of fabric with hand stitching by Roberta Wagner
Photo Courtesy of Roberta Wagner from Fields series

Roberta is not a full time artist, preferring the freedom of not having to make money from her art. She says: “I have a right left brain thing and I have found over the years I like doing both.”

Not wanting to be a “technique junkie”, Roberta has a limited number of stitches she uses in her work. They are: French knot, simple stitch, occasionally seed stitch and a few that she has made up. She is going to learn to free motion stitch and incorporate that into her work. Roberta has also talked about making her own beads to use in her work. While she has made some colored porcelain beads, she doesn’t know if she will incorporate these.

pair of hands hand stitching on cream fabric
Photo Courtesy of Roberta Wagner

Roberta works daily on her artwork, although that does not necessarily mean she is stitching. Roberta is painting more and will likely incorporate this into her stitched pieces. She is currently experimenting with painting on Washi paper. She loves texture and is “doing more intuitive, wild stitch lately”. I first linked to Roberta’s blog in my post: Stitch Meditation Day 7 and 8.

5 inch stitch meditation with indiog cotton, white linen, indigo silk velvet with perle cotton
Hand dyed indigo cotton, silk velvet, linen rayon and white linen, hand dyed indigo perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Website: Roberta Wagner
  • Instagram: Roberta Wagner on Instagram
  • Article: McKay, Sarah. Why Crafting is Great For Your Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains.

Scroll through and read Roberta’s beautifully illustrated blog posts. Be inspired and try something new this week – one stitch at a time!


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