Stitch Meditation – Day 17 and 18

Slowly continuing to stitch and make marks on cloth. Trying not to worry when I don’t sit and stitch as I had planned.

5 inch stitch meditation hand dyed indigo wool stitched with indigo dyed perle cotton
Indigo dyed wool and perle cotton

Each square is an opportunity for experimentation, new colours, stitches and patterns are emerging.

5 inch stitch meditation with grey shot cotton and hand dyed pink cotton fabrics, running stitches and french knots
Shot cotton, hand dyed cotton, hand dyed perle cotton and rayon thread

Stitch Resources

  • Blog: Cross Stitch and Mindfulness post by Oksana Wadhawan
  • Article: The Calming Effects of Sewing Can Help People Express and Heal Themselves by Clare Hunter

Calmly and purposefully – one stitch at a time.


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