Stitch Meditation – Day 19 and 20

5 inch stitch meditation with grey silk, pink handdyed cotton with perle cotton and rayon thread
Silk, hand dyed cotton, hand dyed perle cotton, rayon thread

There are so many stitches available, yet I keep coming back to the running stitch. It is a versatile stitch.

5 inch stitch meditation with hand dyed canvas stitched with perle cotton thread
Snow dyed canvas, perle cotton, cotton thread

Spacing the stitches and rows closer or farther apart changes the look of the finished piece. Using different size thread such as in the example above creates bold, or delicate lines. Colour too will make an impact. Choose one that blends into the background or one that is bright and colourful! So many options with just one simple stitch!

Stitch Resources:

  • Tutorials: Hand embroidery tutorials by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching: Contemporary Studio for Hand Embroidery blog
  • Blog: Sewing and Stress relief from The Overlook

Keep creating and relaxing – One stitch at a time!


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