Preparation of 5 inch squares for the 100 Day Stitch Meditation Project

I’ve been preparing the squares for the 100 Day Stitch Meditation Project before the actual stitching. I’ve found that this works for me as I can pick up and work on different squares as I feel inspired. I may not complete one before starting another and then finishing the first!

stitch meditations finished and unfinished in a heap by toronto artist dora lovadina-lee

Some observations:

  • I use far fewer layers in my meditations than others
  • My squares are simpler
  • I create in similar colour combinations as you can see below
grey square with smaller red, pink and black patches on top held with pins
Cotton – hand dyed and commercial
black sparkly fabric with curved grey and red half circles and a black strip a stitch meditation unfinished
Hand dyed cotton, repurposed silk

Preparing for stitch meditations – one square at a time!


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