Snow dyed textiles at SAQA’s 2020 Conference: moSAiQA in Toronto

Studio Art Quilt Associates is hosting its first ever conference outside of the USA here in Toronto! I am a new member of this organization and excited to be attending as a member. I am also participating as a vendor of my snow and hand dyed fabrics and scarves at its pop-up on Thursday March 19, 2020 from 10-6.
Skyline of Toronto the host of MoSAiQA Conference 2020

Join me and a select group of vendors on Thursday March 19 from 10-6 for the pop-up in the lobby of the:

145 Richmond Street West,
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2, Canada

Please come over and introduce yourself if we are IG friends. I’ll be offering some newly snow dyed scarves and fabrics too!

2 thoughts on “Snow dyed textiles at SAQA’s 2020 Conference: moSAiQA in Toronto”

  1. Hi Lovina,
    I have left natural dyed fabrics on the clothesline. There didn’t seem to be any changes. Glad to hear that SAQA made it to Toronto! I am sure your dyed works will be popular!

    1. Hi Joan:
      Yes, leaving the fabrics outside didn’t change them. Still had more dye to rinse out. Thank you, I hope people like the fabrics and scarves I will have at the SAQA pop-up. I’m also glad to be attending the conference sessions – 1st time for me! Doris

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