Stitch Meditation – Day 55 and 56

Indigo dyed cotton metallic snow dyed linen five inch square
Indigo cotton, snow dyed linen, perle cotton

Placing, then removing, trying a new piece, adjusting. Placing it down, stepping back, repinning. Finally leaving it be and moving on to the next step: thread. Spilling out all the choices. Sifting through, picking out the finalists. Looking at the individual threads – only one or two this time? Simple decisions…

five inch square of pale turquoise green dyed cotton hand stitched with perle cotton embroidery thread
Hand-dyed cotton, perle cotton

Stitching – running, french knots, cross stitches seem to be my favourites. Something different next time?

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Slowly making stitches – decisions – one stitch at a time!


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