Hibiscus Art Quilt: the background in process

It took me a long while to get to the point in the hibiscus flower quilt that I was finally able to make decisions on the background. Meaning that I can continue to stitch more of the quilt top together.

I thought at the beginning of this project that I would use neutral linens and cotton fabrics in very low volume prints. These would become the background for machine and hand stitching to create interest.


It wasn’t just the background causing me setbacks. There were a few vines twisting themselves around the flowers and I knew what I wanted them to look like but finding the fabric in my stash wasn’t easy. I tried many combinations of colours as you can see from just a couple of photos below.

With the guidance from my friend who also taught me this technique, I was finally able to make some decisions.

hibiscus flower art quilt ready to be machine stitched by dorisl lovadina lee
Hibiscus Flowers sandwiched and ready for quilting

So, after a few years of working on this UFO and then storing it away, then pulling it out again, it’s finally finished! Or almost finished. The top is stitched in one piece and is now waiting for machine stitching to give it depth and texture. 

I have put it aside once more to give me time to think about this final step. More decisions to come!


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