Stitch Meditation – Day 75 and 76

Three-quarters of the stitch meditations are completed as I fulfill my desire to work through a 100 Day project. Much of 2020 was a period of little or no productivity in any creative pursuit, especially stitch meditations. This seems counterintuitive, as you would expect that if more of your world was in upheaval and uncertainty, picking up a needle and stitching for no reason but to focus on something else would be both necessary and helpful.

Indigo dyed wool, hand-dyed perle cotton

Thankfully by December, my creativity resurfaced. I am not certain if it was due to the increased sense of hope, a break from work, and the beginnings of the holiday season. But, I began creating and have not stopped!

Hand-dyed cotton, commercial fabric, hand-dyed perle cotton

I received my copy of Resilient Stitch and love that it is bound in the same suede-like cloth. The book is tactile and beautiful. I have quickly flipped through to look at the photos and will now slowly work my way through reading it.

Stitch Resources:

  • Book: Wellesley-Smith, Claire. Resilient Stitch: Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art. London: Batsford, c2021.

Continuing to read, create and meditate – one stitch at a time!

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