Stitch Meditation – Day 87 and 88

Composition can be defined as how elements are arranged. When I create my stitch meditations, I work intuitively. Selecting scrap pieces of fabric that I arrange on a five inch square of plain cotton to achieve the look I like. I am limited by the sizes of the scraps and the colours I have chosen and placed in my work box. Sometimes the composition is created with little effort while other times, pieces are replaced over and over, cut smaller and rearranged to make the design pleasing to me. Only then do I begin stitching.

5 inch square with 3 fabrics hand stitched together in white and hand dyed yellow and brownris lovadina-lee toronto artisan
Snow dyed cotton, repurposed linen and hand-dyed perle cotton

The next step is the stitching and there are many other decisions that need to be taken to enhance the composition of the fabrics:

  • thick or thin thread
  • variagated
  • multiple types
  • style of stitches
  • placement of stitches

All of these things are considered before any stitching begins.

Stitch meditation day 87 made with a five inch blue cotton square and a small silk square embroidered with running stitches
Repurposed cotton and silk, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Composition – Art Term. Tate Gallery.

Composing – one day at a time!


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