Stitch Meditation – Day 89 and 90

There are so many types of embroidery, hundreds of stitches available to use in any project. Yet, I know that I tend to find a couple of stitches that I like to work with and use almost exclusively.

Purple violet cotton and navy striped silk embroidered with cross stitches
Hand-dyed cotton, repurposed silk, variegated perle cotton

Even though I don’t stray from my tried and true stitches, it is fun to look around at other options. I stumbled across a resource on the Victoria & Albert Museum website. Their guide on embroidery stitches is a visual feast. Examples of the many stitches available include an explanation but also photographs taken from items in their collection. Gorgeous!

purple scrap cotton and silk fabrics embroidered with running stitches
Snow-dyed cotton, silk, and shot cotton, hand-dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources:

  • Article: Embroidery Styles: An Illustrated Guide. V & A Museum.

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