Stitch Meditation – Day 91 and 92

indigo dyed cotton and pinwhale corduroy stitch mediation by doris lovadina
Indigo dyed cotton, repurposed corduroy, variegated perle cotton

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about being at home, working, and living in the same space. So my choices have included more scraps from my families clothing. Pieces that no longer fit, things that are a bit too worn out, baby clothes saved.

fabric and leather scraps stitched into a 5 inch square meditation
Indigo dyed cotton, snow dyed cotton, repurposed silk, linen and leather, variegated perle cotton

Working with cloth that is not new from a store, but has been worn seems to imbue more into a piece. The fabric carries with it the essence of the one that wore it. It’s as if the cloth tells the story that you are helping to translate.


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