Canadian textile artist creating snow-dyed fabrics and scarves using traditional shibori techniques.

Stitch Meditation – Day 91 and 92

indigo dyed cotton and pinwhale corduroy stitch mediation by doris lovadina
Indigo dyed cotton, repurposed corduroy, variegated perle cotton

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about being at home, working, and living in the same space. So my choices have included more scraps from my families clothing. Pieces that no longer fit, things that are a bit too worn out, baby clothes saved.

fabric and leather scraps stitched into a 5 inch square meditation
Indigo dyed cotton, snow dyed cotton, repurposed silk, linen and leather, variegated perle cotton

Working with cloth that is not new from a store, but has been worn seems to imbue more into a piece. The fabric carries with it the essence of the one that wore it. It’s as if the cloth tells the story that you are helping to translate.

Stitch Meditations – 13th Month

Stitching, listening and repeating. Coming towards the end of the project has given me a boost. I am squeezing these last few in-between machine stitching my House and Home series and finishing up some long-standing projects.

13th month review

Looking aback at the thirteenth month:

Colourful patterns – one stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 89 and 90

There are so many types of embroidery, hundreds of stitches available to use in any project. Yet, I know that I tend to find a couple of stitches that I like to work with and use almost exclusively.

Purple violet cotton and navy striped silk embroidered with cross stitches
Hand-dyed cotton, repurposed silk, variegated perle cotton

Even though I don’t stray from my tried and true stitches, it is fun to look around at other options. I stumbled across a resource on the Victoria & Albert Museum website. Their guide on embroidery stitches is a visual feast. Examples of the many stitches available include an explanation but also photographs taken from items in their collection. Gorgeous!

purple scrap cotton and silk fabrics embroidered with running stitches
Snow-dyed cotton, silk, and shot cotton, hand-dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources:

  • Article: Embroidery Styles: An Illustrated Guide. V & A Museum.

Stitch Meditation – Day 87 and 88

Composition can be defined as how elements are arranged. When I create my stitch meditations, I work intuitively. Selecting scrap pieces of fabric that I arrange on a five inch square of plain cotton to achieve the look I like. I am limited by the sizes of the scraps and the colours I have chosen and placed in my work box. Sometimes the composition is created with little effort while other times, pieces are replaced over and over, cut smaller and rearranged to make the design pleasing to me. Only then do I begin stitching.

5 inch square with 3 fabrics hand stitched together in white and hand dyed yellow and brownris lovadina-lee toronto artisan
Snow dyed cotton, repurposed linen and hand-dyed perle cotton

The next step is the stitching and there are many other decisions that need to be taken to enhance the composition of the fabrics:

  • thick or thin thread
  • variagated
  • multiple types
  • style of stitches
  • placement of stitches

All of these things are considered before any stitching begins.

Stitch meditation day 87 made with a five inch blue cotton square and a small silk square embroidered with running stitches
Repurposed cotton and silk, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Composition – Art Term. Tate Gallery.

Composing – one day at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 85 and 86

As I embarked on this 100 Day Stitch Meditation Challenge, I didn’t expect it to last so long! My first post was dated December 27, 2018! How the world has changed since then!

Snow dyed cotton, perle cotton

I’ve recently been asked what I am going to do with all of these 5″ squares. Nothing! The purpose of creating these stitch meditations was the act itself. So for now I will continue towards the end, only 14 left!

Snow dyed cotton, silk and perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Gharib, Malika. Feeling Artsy? Here’s How Making Art Helps Your Brain. National Public Radio. Jan. 20, 2021.

Creating for its own sake – one stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 83 and 84

Playing with fabrics. by either dyeing it, cutting it up or stitching it together, makes me so very happy. Immersing myself in the colours, patterns and textures lightens my mood. Even sorting, stacking and clean-up following the completion of a project can help elevate my mood. Sometimes this is even the beginning of another project when a long-forgotten piece of cloth is found hidden on the shelves.

Snow dyed cotton, shot cotton, hand dyed perle cotton
Snow dyed canvas, leather, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Hobbies And Side Projects Can Transform Your Mindset. Huffington Post. Sept. 1, 2016.

Playing – one stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 81 and 82

A favorite and simple embroidery stitch. I think this may have been the first I learned to do when I was a child. I did a few cross stitch kits especially during summer vacations. It is so versatile – it can be scaled up or down, and the legs can be extended to make a wonky X!

Repurposed upholstery fabric square and cross stitches
Repurposed silk, perle cotton
Snow dyed cotton and perle cotton cross stitches
Snow dyed cotton, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Verso, Jo. Threads of History. The Cross Stitch Guild.

Crossed stitches – one stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 79 and 80

I wonder what our ancestors would think of the term upcycling in relation to cloth? A quick search returned 7.27 million hits for upcycling fabric. Tutorials, videos, projects and so many more ideas are available! What we are now considering as popular, trendy, the right thing to do, socially conscious was once a necessity for most and still is for many.

5 in square of fabric scraps hand dyed and hand embroidered
Indigo dyed cotton, hand-dyed perle cotton
Indigo dyed cotton, repurposed corduroy, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Farra, Emily. (2019, December 19). The Future of Fashion Is Circular: Why the 2020s Will Be About Making New Clothes Out of Old Ones.

Creating intentionally – one stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 77 and 78

Elegant simplicity! I love this but sometimes difficult to achieve. The temptation is to add more.

Repurposed linen, silk, leather and hand dyed perle cotton

Simplicity: easy to understand, natural, stripping back the extraneous to the basic form. Just enough left behind to give meanings or glimpses of what is there.

Indigo dyed canvas, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: How Simplicity Can Help Creativity, Briefly. Zen Habits Blog.

Simply creating – one stitch at a time!


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