Hand dyed threads and shibori fabrics

plastic tub filled with hand dyed threads by Anne Peters
variegated hand dyed perle cotton thread by Anne Peters

Colour all around! These gorgeous hand dyed items by Anne Peters, a textile artist and passionate dyer, will be available for 2 days only. Anne of @dyeforfun and I will be sharing a booth and our love of shibori dyeing next weekend at Quilts at the Creek festival.

shibori cotton fabric
shibori cotton fabric
white and blue pillow with shibori strips by @dyeforfun
quilted shibori pillow

At 1:00 sit down and relax for 45 minutes while I do my trunk show in the Wilmot Town Hall. I will be showing and talking about my love of indigo and snow dyeing using shibori techniques. I will be bringing some of my quilts and fabrics to illustrate the techniques I use to create one-of-a-kind scarves and fabric. Then step across the Town Hall Green to see the items available for sale in the vendor located just steps away in the Event Pavilion area.
Come and see us, our indigo and hand dyed shibori cotton fabrics, kits, variegated perle and embroidery cotton threads. I am also bringing snow dyed fabric and scarves. A cornucopia of colour, texture, and designs will be available!

rolled up quilting cotton by anne peters
fabric bundles with thread hand dyed
July 27, 2019 @ 11:00 am – July 28, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

Anne has some bundles and fat quarters of shibori and hand dyed fabrics and thread that are greatly reduced. She is clearing out colours and designs that she is no longer dyeing to make way for her new ones. Visit us to see what she has available. But don`t wait!

fabric in plastic bags by textile artist anne peters ontario canada
fat quarter bundles in co-ordinating colours

Anne and I will be in the vendor’s pavilion from July 27, 2019 – July 28, 2019 @ 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Quilts at the Creek at
Black Creek Pioneer Village
1000 Murray Ross Pkwy
North York, ON M3J 2P3

Come and say hello!

Indigo dyed hand woven organic cotton crepe scarf

I have been waiting, not patiently, for spring to arrive so I could do some indigo dyeing. Finally, it got warm enough and last weekend my friend Sheila and I set up a dye vat.

indigo striped fabric in tub of soapy water by doris lovadinalee toronto textile artist

One of the first into this spring’s dye bath was a pale turquoise cotton crinkle scarf. The colour was not intense enough and it was boring!

arashi shibori scarf in pale green wrapped around a pvc pipe by dorislovadina-lee

Handwoven organic cotton makes a luscious scarf, with a super fine crepe texture. I absolutely love the result. It is the scarf on the right hand side below.

3 unique indigo dyed scarves draped over chair dyed by dorislvoadinalee

These three indigo dyed crinkle scarves are so easy to care for. They can be machine washed in gentle and machine dried too. Ideal travel companions, wrapped around neck, shoulders or folded under to rest your head. Twist to pack, shake out and wear. You will always be elegantly dressed! Bon voyage!

Stitch Meditation – Day 29 and 30

White linen stitch meditation with drawn work and hand dyed ribbon insterts by Doris Lovadina-Lee toronto quilter
White Linen and Hand Dyed Woven Ribbon

Very little time being spent on the stitch meditations. I have been working on a minimal modern quilted art piece. That project has been progressing well. It is a combination of machine stitching on my hand dyed cotton and hand stitching too. I am excited to be working on a larger artwork.

stitch meditation in dark green cotton with a lighter cross shape and cross stitches in hand dyd perle cotton thread by doris lovadina-lee quilter and artist
Hand Dyed and Discharged Cotton and Hand Dyed Perle Cotton Thread

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Bes, Renee. Art and Craft as Meditation in Wellbeing blog
  • Blog: A Brief History of Drawn Thread Work by Sara Rickards of the blog Well Embroidered
  • Article: Ericson, Lois. Dyeing with Bleach. Threads Magazine, October 28, 2008.

Creating – One stitch at a time!

Maria Nunes and the art of crochet!

I am so fortunate to be collaborating with a local craftsperson – Maria Nunes. Her hand made crochet jewellery is beautifully designed and crafted. Maria learned to crochet as a child, growing up in Portugal at a time when there was still no television, not even electricity! In school they were taught to knit and would make simple scarves and hats. At home, Maria’s mother taught her to crochet to make doilies, table scarves and trim for her ‘enxoval’ or trousseau.

Hand dyed crochet cotton in fuchsia and green by Doris Lovadina-Lee Toronto Textile artist
Fuchsia Ombre and Blue to Green Variegated Hand Dyed Crochet Cotton

Maria has continued to crochet and over the years has made many household items using traditional patterns. Recently, she has changed her style to reflect modern tastes, creating handcrafted pillows, wallhangings and of course jewellery!

pair of indigo hoop crocheted earrings with blue glass beads on black surface
Indigo Hoop Earrings with Blue Glass Beads

Variegated, ombre, and with colour changes over very short areas have been a challenge for me. I have had to rethink my process as well as the amount of dye used! But it has been so much fun! I will also be indigo dyeing this spring and I can’t wait to see the jewellery she makes. I gave Maria all the indigo dyed cotton thread left from one of my projects. All of the pieces she made have been sold! It shows that blue and white is a much loved combination.

round crochet beige circle earrings with natural coloured beads on black background
Beige Cotton Circle Drop Earrings with Glass Beads

Magazines, and books are still places Maria finds inspiration, but more often she finds herself turning to Pinterest. Inspiration for her designs also come from working with the materials. A bead, the colour of the hand dyed cotton thread can start her on a new design. More and more often her jewellery includes beads, they really excite her with opportunities!

Crochet cotton round earrings and snow dyed scarf in fuchsia
Fuchsia Hand Dyed Round Earrings by Maria Nunes Designs on Snow Dyed Wool Scarf by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Maria believes that crochet is a dyeing art. She has tried to teach the next generation but with the competition for TV watching, and the internet with its so many social media outlets, it is a hard sell. Maria finds that crocheting is a relaxing and imaginative art. It has a calming effect allowing room for imagination.

Maria Nunes of @maria.n.designs crocheting

I am collaborating with Maria on dyeing some new crochet cotton. More experimentation with colours, ombre effects, indigo and more. Follow Maria on Instagram @maria.n.designs to see what she is creating.

Stitch Meditation – Day 27 and 28

Commercial cotton, hand dyed silk, hand dyed perle cotton

Very little time being spent on the stitch meditations. I have been working on a minimal modern quilted art piece. That project has been progressing well. It is a combination of machine stitching on my hand dyed cotton and hand stitching too. I am excited to be working on a larger artwork.

Repurposed silk, hand dyed silks, hand dyed cotton, hand dyed perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Article: Art and Craft as Meditation by Renee Bes in Wellbeing blog

Creating – One stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 25 and 26

Falling into the rhythm of hand stitching, using the stitches that are most comfortable … automatic. The running stitch — my fallback.

Hand dyed cotton, hand dyed linen, cotton thread

That is how the meditations were begun. But, both pieces called for the addition of more, a fly stich and cross stitch emphasizing the beauty of the cloth.

Five inch square of upcycled beige silk stitched together with pink hand dyed silk
Repurposed silk, hand dyed silk, perle cotton

Stitch Resources

  • Book chapter: “Industries: Silk-weaving.” A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 2, General; Ashford, East Bedfont With Hatton, Feltham, Hampton With Hampton Wick, Hanworth, Laleham, Littleton. Ed. William Page. London: Victoria County History, 1911. 132-137. British History Online.
  • Website: The Silk Association of Great Britain

Using the finest scraps of fabric and creating – One stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 23 and 24

Day 23 stitch meditation square 100 day stitch meditation challenge doris lovadina-lee textile artist toronto canada
Indigo dyed wool, hand dyed perle cotton
Day 24 stitch meditation square 100 day stitch meditation challenge doris lovadina-lee textile artist torDay 22 Stitch Meditation by Doris Lovadina-Lee. Oakshott cotton, hand dyed metallic linen and variagated cotton thread.onto canada
Hand dyed lambswool, silk, rayon thread

Gwen Hedley:Embroiderer

Gwen Hedley is an embroiderer, teacher and author from the UK. She has written two books on stitch and embroidery. In her first book: Surfaces for Stitch: Plastics, Films and Fabrics, Gwen used unconventional materials such as plastics and foam, in combination with textiles to create new surfaces. These new surfaces were then used as a basis to embroider and embellish with stitches.

Book cover of Drawn to Stitch: Line, Drawing and  Mark-Making in Textile Art written by Gwen Hedley
Drawn to Stitch: Line, Drawing and
Mark-Making in Textile Art by Gwen Hedley

With Gwen’s second book: Drawn to Stitch: Line, Drawing and Mark-Making in Textile Art, she focused on one of the elements of design – line. By observing lines in the world around her and drawing from theses observations, Gwen begins making her artwork. Her first step is sketching, and recording notes on her thoughts and observations before she begins her pieces. “For me, stitching is drawing with thread – my mantra being ‘stitch is mark’.

Enfolded by Gwen Hedley made of cloth hand stitched with found objects
by Gwen Hedley

Gwen’s pieces were primarily machine stitched but there has slowly been a transition to hand work. She uses basic stitches, using them to make marks in her work. Roumanian/Bokhara couching is the stitch she uses most frequently. It allows her to her to blend colours and create texture as seen in the detail of Enfolded above.

“The enjoyment of my somewhat speedy and energetic free machining, with its relentless noise and repetitive sounds, began to wane, as did the comfort limitations of constantly sitting at a table.  In contrast, I relished the relaxing rhythmic processes of hand stitching, sitting comfortably, and able to listen to radio or TV, and to have conversations – so much more sociable.  It is also very portable, and can easily travel unobtrusively with me!”

Gwen Hedley
Ferrous Spool by Gwen Hedley paper and cloth picked and hand stitched
Ferrous Spool  
5cms x 60cms
Paper and Cloth, marked, pieced and hand stitched
by Gwen Hedley

Gwen uses different mediums such as paint, charcoal and dye on paper and textiles. Since each material absorbs the medium differently, there are subtle differences in the finished pieces. Ripping and weaving back together different materials also gives unique textures to the work. In her piece Restoring, she references antique Swedish braids that were traditionally cross stitched. By using the familiar blue and white colour combination on paper and cloth, using satin stitch and a change in scale she gives the piece a contemporary spin.

Restoring by Gwen Hedley artpiece paper and cloth blue on white
7.5cms x 80cms
Based on antique disintegrating Swedish braid. Paper and cloth with cross stitch and satin stitch
by Gwen Hedley

Contained Sticks and Stones uses the basic technique of wrapping found items. Gwen finds small items like rocks, shells, and sticks on her walks that she wraps with threads and fabrics. This piece is her most recent in this series and the smallest one.

Contained Sticks and Stones by Gwen Hedley art piece made with found items,cloth and wrapped threads
Contained Sticks and Stones
5.25cms x 11.5cms
Found items and Cloth, wrapped and assembled
by Gwen Hedley

Gwen doesn’t consider herself a full time artist, tending to work in spurts of activity rather than daily. She uses her sketchbook to draw, write down ideas, observations, and drawings. Her sketchbook is a place where she writes critiques of her work, has samples she has made and ideas she has tried. It’s important for her to analyze what has gone wrong in a piece as well as what was successful to avoid repeating mistakes. She lectures on her working processes and teaches a variety of workshops. She also enjoys her roles as Wife, Mother and Granny!

Gwen is a member of the Textile Study Group: artists and tutors sharing ideas imagination and skills. They are are “group of nationally and internationally recognized textile artists and tutors, well known for innovative and challenging approaches to art practice and contemporary teaching.” (website) Gwen is an active member and is involved in an exciting project with the group. Over the next year the members of the Textile Study Group are participating in a new book called Insights. It is aptly named as this book will give insights into the way each individual member works.

There is always something to improve in each piece and taking the time to analyze is invaluable when planning a new piece. Some things that give Gwen great personal satisfaction are:

  • developing pleasing designs using observational drawings
  • abstracting visual ideas
  • creating stitch trials

Creating stitch trials in particular, are spontaneous and freeing, giving Gwen immense joy!

Stitch Resources

  • Website: Gwen Hedley via Textile Study Group
  • Website: Textile Study Group
  • Tutorial: Couching techniques: basic, trailing, Roumanian & Bokhara

Joyfully creating – One stitch at a time!

Photographs of Gwen’s art courtesy of the artist – thank you!

Stitch Meditation – Day 21 and 22

Have you ever purchased an item before you knew what to do with it? I was drawn to some beautiful sari silk ribbon at the Creativ Festival a few years ago. The variety of colours were amazing and I went back to the booth a few times, drawn to the display, but being overwhelmed with deciding which colours to buy – I couldn’t bring them all home with me. I am using one of the colours below. So pretty!

5 inch stitch meditation with white silk, repurposed sari strips, hand embroidered with cross stitches using perle cotton
Silk, repurposed sari silk, hand dyed perle cotton

The problem I had choosing silk sari ribbon is multiplied when it comes to Oakshott cotton. They have so many stunning colours to choose from! Luckily, I have been gifted some fat quarters and eighths and therefore did not have to make a decision. Oakshott cottons work well with my hand dyed fabrics and I’ve kept every little scrap from projects. This stitch meditation project is the perfect place to be using these.

Day 22 stitch meditation square 100 day stitch meditation challenge doris lovadina-lee textile artist toronto canada
Oakshott Cottons, metallic hand dyed linen, variagated cotton thread, metallic thread

Stitch Resources

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  • Online Shop: Why Oakshott?

Steadily creating – One stitch at a time!

Stitch Meditation – Day 19 and 20

5 inch stitch meditation with grey silk, pink handdyed cotton with perle cotton and rayon thread
Silk, hand dyed cotton, hand dyed perle cotton, rayon thread

There are so many stitches available, yet I keep coming back to the running stitch. It is a versatile stitch.

5 inch stitch meditation with hand dyed canvas stitched with perle cotton thread
Snow dyed canvas, perle cotton, cotton thread

Spacing the stitches and rows closer or farther apart changes the look of the finished piece. Using different size thread such as in the example above creates bold, or delicate lines. Colour too will make an impact. Choose one that blends into the background or one that is bright and colourful! So many options with just one simple stitch!

Stitch Resources:

  • Tutorials: Hand embroidery tutorials by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching: Contemporary Studio for Hand Embroidery blog
  • Blog: Sewing and Stress relief from The Overlook

Keep creating and relaxing – One stitch at a time!


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