Chakra quilt with hand dyed fabric

I dyed a piece of Hoffman PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric for a whole cloth quilt. This is a very good quality cotton with a lovely hand. The fabric was laid flat on a large table on top of a sheet of plastic. Each of the colours was mixed, and applied individually onto the wet cloth. Another sheet of plastic was laid on top and I used a paint roller to spread the dye into the cloth.

Chakra quilt by doris lovadina-lee with hand dyed whole cloth fabric
Whole cloth dyed the colours of the chakras

I left the fabric to cure overnight, then I rinsed it out, washed it and am happy with the results. Each of the seven colours on the cloth correspond to one of the seven chakras.

Hand dyed whole cloth for vibrant path chakra quilt dorislovadinalee canadian quilter
Chakra appliqués pinned to hand dyed whole cloth

The chakra symbols are constructed from two or more shades of hand dyed cottons. They pieces are cut, fused and satin stitched to the darker piece of fabric by Carol Bryer Fallaert. This fabric by Benartex is called Glacier Park, it is a beautiful deep purple that looks almost black. The kundalini serpent below is also made with this gorgeous fabric.

kundalini serepent on Hand dyed whole cloth for chakra quilt by doris lee toronto ontario quilter
Kundalini serpent appliquéd to hand dyed whole cloth

This quilt will be the fourth in a series of quilts I’ve created based on the chakra symbols.

applique chakras on kundalini serpent quilt hand dyed by doris lovadina artist
Appliques pinned to hand dyed whole cloth

I hope to enter this piece into the Sacred Threads Exhibition this year. This exhibition occurs every two years and features quilts that are based on “Expressions of Joy, Spirituality, Inspiration, Grief, Healing and Peace/Brotherhood”.  My quilt, Radiant Light was accepted into the exhibition in 2013. You can see it as well as a selection of other beautiful and inspirational quilts in the Sacred Threads gallery, as well as the first three of my chakra quilts on my website.

It’s Time For Colour – CQA Travelling Quilt Show

Chrysalis Awakening

The Canadian Quilter’s Association has asked award winning quilters to donate a small quilted piece to their themed show: “It’s Time for Colour“. 40 pieces will travel across Canada and be displayed in local venues from January 2015 to May 2015, ending in Lethbridge, Alberta for Quilt Canada in June 2015. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase these beautiful 12” x 16” quilt hangings for $200.00 each (plus tax). The proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

You can sign up at the CQA blog to get more information and view some of the other pieces that will be included in this show. The quilters who are participating will be blogging about their  inspiration and techniques for their submissions.

My piece, Chrysalis Awakening is improvisationally pieced using a “wonky curves” method. My first step was to select some fabrics. I pulled the small print (Kaffe Fassette, I think)  and then fabrics to pick up on the colours of the  print. I knew I wanted to create a flower and a leaf.

Chrysalis Awakening fabric selection

I taught a tutorial at the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild on piecing circles. One of the techniques I demonstrated was piecing ‘wonky circles’. I really enjoyed making the samples and thought I could use this technique to create a colourful flower for my design.

Chrysalis Awakening flower

In this process you layer 4 fabrics right side up with edges aligned. A quarter circle is cut out of one corner of the stack. The fabrics are shuffled and stitched. You continue in this manner until the four blocks are completed. I originally saw this technique on The Quilting Edge Blog written by a very talented quilter Marianne. She has a great Wonky Curves tutorial that explains the process. For this quilt, I made the shapes very curvy to look like a flower.

Chrysalis Awakening Flowers

Every flower needs a leaf, so a selection of green fabrics were pieced to create the leaf. I layered batting, backing and machine quilted it to create a three-dimensional leaf.

Chrysalis Awakening Leaf Sandwich

The completed leaf was inserted into a beautiful piece of cotton ombre. The colours of the fabric change from red to purple.

Chrysalis Awakening leaf


The flower was appliquéd to the background.

Chrysalis Awakening Flower Applique

A surprise is hidden underneath the leaf.

Chrysalis Awakening Detail

The finished piece!

Chrysalis Awakening Quilt
Chrysalis Awakening Quilt

I love that there is a little surprise hiding behind the leaf. There are three flowers left and three other stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. I am going to have fun creating three more quilts to illustrate the other stages – look for the surprises!

Shaken not Stirred!

Cin Cin! Tim-Tim!

fabric postcards of Martini Shakers and martini glasses
Martini Shakers and Glass Postcards

This trio of postcards were created using a positive/negative quilt technique. The design is carefully cut so that two blocks are created.

A votre santé! Salud!

quilted art postcards of martini glass and shakers, with beading
Martini Shakers and Glass Postcards

The martini shakers are created from this technique as are the martin glasses, although only one martini glass is shown.

Cocktails at eight!


Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy

Front detail of Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy
Front detail of Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy

My pattern: Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy has been published! Craft it now: 75+ Simple Handmade Projects is a great crafting book with easy ideas to craft great items. Projects feature quilting, crochet, embroidery, polymer clay and other fun techniques.

Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy page
Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy page

This would be a great book to introduce a child to handwork. The projects are designed to be created in a short period of time.

Back of Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy
Back of Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy

My project features an appliqué design where the cut teacup is carefully cut out of one square of fabric. Both the positive and negative pieces of the block are used.

Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy
Warm and Cozy Tea Cozy

The positive and negative appliqué are fused onto a background, satin stitched and then quilted. This can easily be adapted to make a pillow, placemats or table runner.

Tea time everyone!

Fashionable Attire

I’ve completed the commission for the wallhanging that will be given as a birthday gift. I was asked to create a quilt that references fashion.

Fashionable Attire quilt
Fashionable Attire quilt

The shop carries men and women’s fashions and is located in an old stone building. I actually had the outer border designed and created before the central four blocks.

Fashionable Attire border
Fashionable Attire border

I like the way the 2 shades of grey fabric curve up suggesting a wall.

Fashionable Attire border detail

The large floral (Kaffe Fassete fabric I think) seemed to be too obvious, so I cut it on the diagonal and insert very thin strips of grey so that it looks like the flowers are behind a fence.


The hat has been decorated and is worthy of a royal tea party. I used a variety of hand dyed silk ribbon from Nell’s Emboidery. A ribbon flower completes the look.

I hope the recipient enjoys her gift.

Fashionable appliques

I am working on a commission for a birthday gift. The wallhanging is for a friend whose family own a clothing shop. Here is a glimpse of a couple of the blocks.

Dressform applique
Dressform applique
Tuxedo shirt applique
Tuxedo shirt applique
Hat applique
Hat applique

The hat hasn’t been trimmed yet. I will be adding flowers, ribbons and beads to finish this lovely chapeau!



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