Flower photo greeting cards

While on vacation this summer, I took many, many photographs. I especially enjoyed photographing the beautiful flowers we saw on our travels. 

photograph of Queen Anne's Lace by doris lovadina-lee on blank notecard

Each photo is mounted on heavy weight card stock with a beautiful embossed border.

photo of orange lily by doris lovadina-lee on blank greeting card

These original cards are blank inside so you can write your own personal message.

photograph of butterflies and purple flowers by doris lovadina-lee on blank note cards

Each photo is an original print from the countryside of the East Coast of Canada.

Perfect for:

Happy Birthday wishes
Get Well Soon greetings
Thank You notes
Happy Anniversary congratulations

photograph of fuchsias by doris lovadina-lee on blank note cards

Each note card is 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm (5″ x 7″) and comes with an envelope. I will be adding these cards and more to my shop soon. Stop by and have a look.

Flowers, leaves, berries and fungus!

Soon I will be attending Quilt Canada 2016. This year it will be held in Toronto and I decided to take some classes. Jane Sassaman is teaching a class called:  Abstracting from Nature (designs class). This class requires us to bring in a live bouquet or close-up photos of flowers including leaves, buds and so on to use as a springboard to design our own quilt. The design will not be a representation of the flower, rather the finished design will be a an abstraction. I am looking forward to taking this class, I love Jane’s bold designs and her use of colour.

Floral photos light pink

I looked through my photo album and pulled a few photos that I really liked in preparation for this class.

Floral photos yellow

Floral photos berries and leaves

This is my favourite photo of berries.

Floral photos berries

I like how the sunlight sparkles on the leaves and berries.

Floral photos red leaf

Gorgeous colour!

Floral photos leaf

I realized that these photos could also be used later in the summer for Helen Garland’s class: Quilting – Complex Design & Piecing. This one week workshop is being taught at the Haliburton School of Art + Design. Any photograph can be used in this class, but I especially like the idea of a floral piece. I talk a little bit about Helen’s process in this post.

Floral photos bark

This was an amazing tree trunk, it has so much texture!

Floral photos fungus

Plate sized fungi growing on a tree.

Floral photos red berries


Floral photos red berries detail

These berries look like grapes. Do you know what they really are?

Fuchsias – a flower quilt!

I took the photograph of the fuchsias a couple of years ago with the idea of using them in a quilt design. I took a workshop taught by Helen Garland through the Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto based on Ruth McDowell’s art quilting techniques.


In the class we learned to how to draft a pattern from our own photograph using Ruth McDowell’s technique. Helen was an excellent teacher, explaining the concepts, design and sewing techniques that make Ruth’s quilts so original.

Fucshsia pattern
Fuchsia pattern

I’ve focused my design on three of the larger fuchsias and the three small buds on top. I’ve eliminated extraneous leaves and flowers to focus on the elements that I thought would make a good design.

Fuchsia patterns
Fuchsia patterns

You can see my original design and the enlarged copy. The finished piece will be about 48″ x 56″. I am excited to be trying Ruth’s techniques. She has written a few books explaining her design and piecing techniques. The books are available on her website. The next logical step is to trace the design onto freezer paper. But, my next step is to pull fabrics from my stash – I can’t wait!



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