A trio of hand dyed zippered pouches

I stitched three zippered pouches using some of my hand dyed fabric. I dyed some canvas and paired it with some beautiful stripped leather pieces.

Hand dyed canvas zippered pouch with leather accents
Hand dyed canvas zippered pouch with leather accents

The pouches are a great size for storing sewing accessories, makeup, pencils and many other small items.

Hand dyed unzipped pouch with leather accents
Hand dyed canvas pouch unzipped with leather accents

The pouch below is slightly larger and has a full leather bottom.

Hand dyed canvas zipped pouch with leather bottom
Hand dyed canvas zipped pouch with leather bottom
Hand dyed linen pouch with leather bottom
Hand dyed linen pouch with leather bottom

I dyed a couple of small pieces of metallic linen using the Itajime shibori technique to create this diagonal pattern. The linen has a lovely shimmer.

handdyed linen pouch with blue lining
Hand dyed linen pouch with blue lining

This linen and leather zippered pouch is lined with one of my hand dyed light blue cottons. What would you store in these?




Barrel chair upholstery completed!

In the early summer I posted photos of our leather barrel chair that was in desperate need of being reupholstered. I chose fabric, stripped off the old leather and then it sat, and sat and sat taking up space.

Barrel chair before reupholstery by Doris Lovadina-Lee
Barrel chair before

Finally, I had the time to work on it during the holiday break.

Newly upholstered barrel chair by Doris
Newly upholstered barrel chair

This is our new chair. I love the beautiful colours of the stripped leather that I found at Designer Fabrics. I was able to get enough of the leather in two pieces to do the outside of the chair.

Side view of upholstered chair with stripped leather and fabric
Side view of chair with leather

The inside of the chair is a beautiful op-art piece of upholstery fabric. I love the dimensional look it has.

Matching pillow for newly reupholstered chair by doris lovadina-lee
Matching pillow

With the leftover bits, I made a pillow and added a beautiful fringe repurposed from an old pillow. It feels great having completed this project after such a long time. How long does it take  you to complete your projects?

Barrel chair upholstery

This is a barrel chair we’ve had for a few years and the upholstery was the worse for wear. I found a beautiful piece of leather in stripes of cream, grey and beige. There wasn’t enough to redo the entire chair, but enough to use on the outside.

Barrel chair before
Barrel chair before

A trip to Designer Fabrics, a store that has a great selection of fabric was needed. I love going in to browse, there is always something new to look at and fondle!

Barrel chair side view before
Barrel chair side view before

I brought a selection of samples home.

Upholstry fabrics1
Upholstery samples from Designer Fabrics in Toronto

I like the idea of having a circular design to contrast with the linear stripes. The design below is the one I liked the best. It is a wonderful, op art designed cut velvet.

Upholstry fabric
Upholstery fabric for barrel chair

I love the circles!


Upholstry fabrics
Upholstery fabric with leather stripe

I hope to start this project soon. I have already removed the old upholstery. I think it will look great in our room and with the new indigo pillow I dyed!



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