Light up postcards!

I have been experimenting with adding LED lights to make fabric postcards. Each postcard is constructed like a mini quilt, but, with the addition of some fun sparkle!

Light bulb postcard
Light bulb postcard

Conductive thread connects the LIlyPad coin cell battery holder that has an on/off switch to the LED light. It is the most simple circuit to create.

Light bulb postcard with LED light on
Light bulb postcard with LED light on

NiteLite Glow in the Dark Thread is used for all of the other stitching.

Flashlight that lights up by battery and LED lights by Doris Lovadina-Lee
Flashlight postcard


postcard of light up flashlight powered by battery
Flashlight postcard with LED light on

The flashlight postcard is a slightly more complex circuit. The sewable battery holder does not have an on/off switch, so I added a separate LilyPad Slide Switch to the circuit. This way you don’t need to continually remove the coin cell battery when you don’t want power to your LEDs.

mason jar, fireflies, with battery powered LED lights
Fireflies postcard

The firefly postcards was so much fun! One of the tiny fireflies is captured in the mason jar, but one has managed to escape!

quilted art postcard with LED lights creating a mason jar filled with fireflies created by doris lovadina-lee in Toronto
Fireflies postcard with LED lights on

The two LED lights are connected in a series and I’ve hidden the LilyPad coin cell battery holder in the corner.

Which one is your favourite postcard?