Snow dyed mandala

There is very little snow left on the ground here in Toronto. I wanted to do some more snow dyeing, so I quickly prepared a couple of pieces of pfd cotton before all the snow melted. I folded one of the pieces of cotton so it would result in a mandala shape. The other was folded into a triangular shape.

shibori folded fabric snow dyed blue green toronto doris lovadina-lee

The mandala that emerged is beautiful. I sprinkled the snow topped cotton with a couple of blue dyes and a bit of yellow. I am not a methodical, scientific dyer, so each dyeing session is an experiment.

green mandala snow dyed toronto canada doris lovadina-lee

circular hand dyed cotton fabric mandala design doris lee

The triangular folded cotton is similar in colour, so I could use it in conjunction with the mandala. I really like how the colours are most intense on one edge, fading to a softer more watercolour effect.

shibori hand dyed with snow cotton quilting cotton toronto ontario small batch for sale

Since there was still one tiny pocket of snow left in the yard, I pulled out the last few metres of pfd cotton from my stash. There was just enough snow to cover the two pieces of cotton. I used the same colours of dye in different proportions. The fabric was also arranged differently from the first batch.

snow dyed quilting cotton pfd arashi shibori doris lovadina-lee

The piece above is 1 1/2 metres long and the pattern that reminds me of agate. The photo below is a detail from the piece.

hand dyed with snow cotton pfd toronto artist doris lee nui shibori available to buy

The itajime shibori cotton piece below is from the same snow dyed batch. It is quite different in design and the pfd cotton has absorbed a little more of the yellow to create a beautiful turquoise and green.

itajime shibori snow dyed cotton fabric toronto dorislovadinalee for sale


snow dyed itajime shbiori pfd handdyed quiting cotton for sale

I expect that we will not be receiving sufficient snow fall now that we are heading into spring. I do have a couple of other options I am considering to continue ‘snow’ dyeing all year-long.  Now I just have to buy some more fabric to do just that! 

Cosmos quilt

I have fallen in love with dyeing fabric! Each time I dye fabrics I am amazed at the results. Each piece of hand dyed fabric is unique. This beautiful mandala was snow dyed along with a few other pieces of cotton and I wanted to use this piece without cutting into it.

minimal modern mandala art quilt by doris lovadina-lee
Cosmos fabric selection 2

I auditioned a variety of hand dyed fabrics for the outside edges. I decided to quilt as you go, keeping the borders separate from the mandala.

Cosmos fabric selection using Doris lovadina-Lee's hand dyed and snow dyed cotton quilting fabric
Cosmos fabric selection 1

The mandala was machine quilted in a spiral with a walking foot, once I got close to the edge, I stopped, added the borders and continued with the spiral.

Cosmos detail of spiral machine quilting with Bernina sewing machine by doris lovadina-lee
Cosmos detail stitching

I also quilted the corner block in a small spiral, echoing the larger mandala.

Cosmos detail of corner of mandala art quilt with Doris' snow dyed cotton fabric
Cosmos detail corner
snow dyed fabric created by doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario canada
snow dyed fabric

This is one of the snow dyed shibori fabrics that was dyed at the same time as the mandala, so the colours worked well together. I cut into this piece to make the corner block.

Cosmos mandala art quilt by doris lovadina-lee

2016 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
45 x 50 inches
Hand dyed fabric, thread

Snow dyed Shibori cotton scarves and Mandala

I dyed two cotton gauze scarves and one piece of pfd cotton at the same time. This is the last batch of snow dyed fabric for winter 2016!

Snow dyed Arashi Shibori scarf
Snow dyed Arashi Shibori scarf

My favourite Shibori technique is Arashi – where the fabric is wrapped around a pole, scrunched down and the dye applied. I wanted to try this technique in combination with the unpredictability of snow dyeing. I was very surprised and pleased with the results.

Snow dyed Arashi Shibori scarf
Snow dyed Arashi Shibori scarf

There is a lovely pattern on the gauze scarf created by the resist that looks feathers.

Snow dyed Nui Shibori scarf
Snow dyed Nui Shibori scarf

The other gauze scarf was loosely pleated along the length, twisted tightly and placed in the same tray. This scarf has more variation in colours where the red, yellow and blue dyes combined to make green, orange and browns.

Snow dyed Nui Shibori scarf
Snow dyed Nui Shibori scarf

The last piece I dyed was a metre of cotton folded into a wedge to create a beautiful Mandala.

Snow dyed tropical mandala
Snow dyed tropical mandala

This is a very vibrant piece that reminds me of a luscious slice of an exotic tropical fruit!


Shibori mandalas in green – snow dyed

I was intrigued by the mandala shape I snow dyed earlier in the month and wanted to try making a few more. I folded cotton in various sized wedges, piled on snow, and then finished by pouring on the yellow, blue and turquoise Procion MX dyes.

Fabric folded in wedges
Fabric folded in wedges

The three manadalas absorbed different amounts of the dyes, creating three very distinct designs.

snow dyeing mandala green_blue
snow dyeing mandala green_blue

It is always a delight unfolding and rinsing out the cotton fabric after snow dyeing. You never really know what to expect.

snow dyeing mandala green
snow dyeing mandala green
snow dyeing mandala bright green
snow dyeing mandala bright green

The bright green and blue are a reminder that spring is on its way!



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