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Set of 5 Chakra Quilt note cards

Set of five of my Chakra series of quilts is available in my shop.

set of 5 blank note cards with photos of chakra quilts by doris lovadina-lee toronto textile artist
Cards from left: Chakra Quilt, Modern Mosaic Quilt, Danielle’s Quilt, The Vibrant Path Quilt, Radiant Light Quilt

These all occasion cards are blank inside and come with envelope. They are printed on glossy paper that show the beautiful colour of the original quilts. On the back of each card is the title, the medium and size of the original artwork.

These greeting cards would make a wonderful gift for the holistic seeker, yogi or quilt lover in your life.

Individual fine art photo mount cards of these Chakra Quilts are also available individually in my shop.

Toronto Modern Quilt Guild quilts in trunk show

The London Modern Guild has invited the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild to show of their modern quilts. Rebecca Burnett and I are venturing to London to show off the work made by our talented members. Forty quilts are packed into 2 suitcases and 4 very large bags ready for this Saturday October 13, 2018.

stacks of quilts for the show and share by doris lovadina-lee and Becky Burnett of the Toronto Modern Quilt guild october 2018

blue bag with quilts by members of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

Bags with folded quilts from the members of the TMQG


quilts folded into suitcases for the presentation by doris lovadina-lee and Rebecca Burnett of the TMQG

The meeting begins at 12:30 pm. at the Boyle Memorial Community Centre, 530 Charlotte Street, London ON. Come out to see what the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild has been working on!

Yorkshire Rose Quilt Show 2018

Join me at see an inspiring display of quilts made by the members of the Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto.  Over 100 quilts will be on display Saturday and Sunday September 22-23, 2018.

Yorkshire Rose Quilters' Guild of Toronto Quilt show poster 2018

A detail from one of my textile paintings is visible in the lower right corner of the postcard. To see the entire piece and the rest of the quilts I have in the show, come to the Ellesmere Community Centre, 20 Canadian Road, Scarborough.

Hope you can join us and view the quilts, shop for fabric and rest and enjoy some sweets in the tearoom.

Log Cabin explorations

I am continuing my exploration of the log cabin. The selection below is destined for a minimal modern quilt using the traditional pattern in a new way. So far, I’ve sketched out the design and chosen the colour palette.

hand dyed fabrics in pink and grey for a minimal log cabin quilt

I am continuing the series I started with In Order and am stretching it in new ways. 

Minimal modern quilt x-cross in black and fuchsia
X-Cross by Doris Lovadina-Lee

I love having a structure to begin with and then thinking about the what can change.

In Order log cabin variation for TMQG mini quilt challenge
In Order by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Do I add hand stitching? Machine stitching? Embroidery?

Venetian Lagoon minimal modern log cabin variation
Venetian Lagoon by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Can I use more colours, patterns? What is the minimum?

Fronds minimal modern quilt in grey a log cabin variation
Fronds by Doris Lovadina-Lee

Looking forward to seeing how this new idea evolves. What traditional blocks have you played with?

New textile painting in the Fineline series

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with the intention of creating some artwork. I was able to do so at a quilt retreat I attended recently. I went to the retreat with the intention of playing and trying something new. The result was this small minimal modern textile painting created with Oakshott Fabrics and one of my hand dyed linens.

small textile painting being quilted by doris lovadina-lee

doris lovadina-lee's machine quilted textile painting

fineline textile painting with oakshott cottons

detail oakshott minimal modern fineline series textile art

It was so much fun to sit and create without expectations! The shot cottons have a beautiful sheen as does the linen. The fabrics add a lot of depth and the machine quilting provide texture. This piece doesn’t have a name yet. What would you call it?

Vista artwork from the Fineline Series

This series of textile paintings are the first three I created and set on canvas. The canvas was originally painted medium blue. Once the pieces were attached, I found the background was too dark and the quilted artwork did not show well. So, I repainted the canvas white and I am much happier with how the quilted pieces look.

Vista 1

Indigo textile painting on white canvas by doris lovadina-lee for sale, vista

Vista 1
2017 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
12 x 12 inches
fabric, thread, dye on stretched canvas

fineline series textile painting vista 1 detail doris lovadina-lee artist
Vista 1 detail


Vista 2

indigo textile on painted canvas by artwork for sale
Vista 2
2017 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
12 x 12 inches
fabric, thread, dye on stretched canvas

Vista 2 detail
Vista 2 detail


Vista 3

Vista 3 textile art from fineline series artwork for sale by doris lovadina-lee toronto canada
Vista 3
2017 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
12 x 16 inches
fabric, thread, dye on stretched canvas

close-up textile painting Vista 3 on 12 x 16 inches indigo for sale by doris lovadina-lee toronto
Vista 3 detail


detail of vista 3 fineline series artwork by canadian dorislovadinalee
Vista 3 detail


detail of Vista 3 fineline series artwork by doris lovadinalee indigo blue and pale blue
Vista 3 detail


Fineline Series

The Fineline series of quilted textiles was an attempt to incorporate some new ideas and techniques. I had:

  • read Gwen Marston’s book: Minimal Quiltmaking
  • dyed some beautiful indigo cotton
  • read Jean Wells book: Intuitive Color & Design
  • attended a quilt retreat with a very small amount of my hand dyed fabrics
  • used canvas to frame quilted pieces

The quilt retreat was the perfect time to play with the ideas of minimalism and experiment with the technique of inserting narrow strips. There was no pressure to create a finished piece. But, I was so happy with the works I created, that I did finish all three!

Inserting very narrow strips of colour into the pieces was very satisfying. Continuing my experiments with this technique, I created tiny pieces of quilted art: Fineline Brooches and recently made: Lipstick and Mascara. I am not finished with the Fineline Series of textile paintings, there is still so much more to explore.


Vistas on blue canvas textile paintings by toronto artist doris lee
These are the Vista textile paintings before the change of colour in the background. What do you think of the colour change?

Atmosphere – Indigo dyed quilt

Earlier last year, I dyed some cotton fabric in indigo. The texture and the colour changed from pale blue to a deep indigo. I really liked the design of this piece and I wanted to keep it intact as much as possible. My inspiration to use this indigo fabric was a modern painting I saw in a decorating magazine. The artwork had three large bands of colour running horizontally with the colours blending together.

I pulled a deep indigo piece of fabric and a pure white cotton pique to use with the ombre. I took many photos while deciding on the proportions of the white pique. Some of the photos were taken in the evening as I was working to create this piece for a deadline.

My first attempts had the darker indigo on top. I tried many positions, folding, pinning and moving the white pique until I was certain of the final size.

During this process, I tried rotating the fabric so that the darkest indigo was on top, bottom and either side. Initially, I thought that having the piece run from dark at the top to light on the bottom worked the best.
You can see that I finally decided to orient the fabric so that the lightest colour is on top, moving down toward the darker.

2016 ©Doris Lovadina-Lee
49 x 42 inches
hand dyed indigo, commercial fabric, thread

I am happy with Atmosphere. It reminds me of water. For some, it reminds them of snow falling. What does it remind you of?

AQS 2016 Quilt Show: My Favorites

I didn’t photograph every quilt in the AQS quilt show in Syracuse but I was tempted! So many outstanding quilts were on display, it was overwhelming to take them all in. Of course, I did take some photos.

My Favorite Quilts (in no particular order):

AQS_Beavers_The Whole
The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Ireland Beaver

I love that Cassandra changed the colour of the thread as she quilted through each segment of the circle. There is a very subtle shadow of colour on the white fabric.

Shelter by Ann Horton

I love the beautiful soft colour of the eggs against the graphic black and white of the quilt.

Shelter (detail) by Ann Horton

Ann’s quilt is beautifully quilted with leaves and branches supporting the nest.

AQS_Nufer_Mimi's View
Mimi’s View by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick

My photograph doesn’t do justice to this amazing vista created by Beth and long arm quilted by Clem. It looks like you could walk through the archway into a beautiful summer day.

Nighthawk by Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers

Claudia’s great sense of colour and design are apparent in this skillfully  pieced quilt. Marilyn’s long arm quilting adds beautiful depth to the design.

AQS_Taylor_Trois port de
Trois Port De (aka 3 doors up) by Chris Taylor

I really liked Chris’ improvisationally pieced log cabin blocks in turquoise interspersed with purple and red. They really pop against the black background.

AQS_Taylor_Trois port de_detail
Trois Port De (aka 3 doors up) detail by Chris Taylor
AQS_Griner_View from the microscope
View from the Microscope: Pickled Paramecia by Connie Kincuis Griner

The name of the quilt made me laugh! Connie, seems to have a good sense of humour and definitely a good sense of design. The machine quilting added visual interest and lots of texture.

AQS_Sobotka_Silk Road Sampler
Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sobotka

Melissa’s quilt was absolutley amazing to see in person. It appeared as if you could pluck one of the pillows off the shelf!

AQS_Fulton_Loving Laszlo
Loving Laszlo by Charli Fulton

Charli’s quilting highlighted the strong design.

Baubles by Cassandra Ireland Beaver

Cassandra’s quilt was whimsical, fun and amazingly machine quilted!

AQS_Esch_Abandoned in long valley
Abandoned in Long Valley by Carol Esch and Lois Walters

I really loved this quilt, the texture and colours really gave the impression of faded wood. Gorgeous work by Carol and Lois.

AQS__Bower_ Dottie's lament
Dottie’s Lament by Sue Bower

This quilt made me smile. Sue has certainly written a great caption for her version: FIRST KISS #20 (1961) by Vince Colletta.

I encourage everyone to go out and visit quilt shows in person. Photographs don’t do justice to the amazing pieces of art on display. Go and visit a show soon!



Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto Quilt Show 2014

YRQG of Toronto Quilt Show

I hope you will join me on Saturday September 20th and Sunday September 21st for the Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto quilt show.

Yorkshire Rose Quilters' Guild of Toronto 2014 Quilt Show
Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto 2014 Quilt Show

The quilt show will feature quilts from our very talented guild members. There will be both traditional and modern quilts featured. I have seven pieces in the show, including Icterine Strata I blogged about here. This piece won third place at the Canadian Quilters’ Association Juried show earlier this summer!

Here is a glimpse of some of my quilts you will see at the show:

Midnight Blooms is an original design. It is machine pieced and long arm quilted. Large stylized flowers are raw edge appliquéd to the top. The design was inspired by a piece of Art Deco wallpaper.

Detail of Midnight Blooms quilt
Detail of Midnight Blooms quilt

Plumage is based on marble tile design that my sister used in her renovated bathroom. The quilt is machine pieced and long arm quilted. The focus fabric is fussy cut to showcase the beautiful birds.

Detail of Plumage Quilt
Detail of Plumage Quilt

Floral Bouquet is a small wallhanging. Three dimensional flowers are arranged into a lovely bouquet hand tied with satin ribbon. It is machine quilted.

Detail of Floral Bouquet quilt
Detail of Floral Bouquet quilt

Village at Dusk is a triptych arranged onto a quilted mat. It is improvisationally pieced and machine quilted.

Detail of Village at Dusk
Detail of Village at Dusk

Morning Meadow wallhanging is improvisationally pieced and machine quilted. The piece is beautifully framed with a quilted matting.

Morning Meadow Quilt
Morning Meadow Quilt

These photographs are detail shots of some of the pieces I have in the quilt show. In order to see the quilts in their entirety, you will need to come out and visit the show Saturday Sept. 20th to Sunday Sept. 21st.

Quilts for Purchase

Some of the quilts on display are being offered for sale, (including a few of mine). This is a great opportunity to purchase a one of kind quilt for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

Bring a friend, enjoy the quilts, have a lovely tea, browse the merchant’s mall, and be inspired!









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