Handwork and the Venetian Mosaic Quilt – coming towards the deadline!

Most things have taken second place to the finishing of this quilt. I now have a final deadline – March 14th. Although not the actual date of my mom’s birthday, it is the day the entire family is getting together to celebrate. So, all my free time is spent working on this piece.

closeup of quilt block with machine stitching
three large quilt bocks pinned to wall showing the machine quilting
partially finished quilt draped on arm of sofa

I am at a point where handwork means watching Netflix. I love British crime dramas and have watched a few good series. Does anyone have recommendations? But nothing subtitled! I can’t read and handstitch! What do you watch on TV?

See more images of this quilt from the begging stages on Instagram

Venetian Mosaic Block: shaping up

This is one of four large blocks I’ve been working on for a long time. That is to say, I started this project a long time ago and then put it away for a long time! I recently pulled it out again, last winter, and thought I could have it pieced and quilted by the end of March this year. As you can see, that did not happen!

Circular medallion design bordered by a striped fabric by

The quilt is based on marble mosaic floors I saw in Italy. I took many photographs and purchased a few postcards that inspired these original designs. And, because they are original, I am designing and drafting the quilt. Mostly as I go. I did have an overall plan, but not all the details.

detail mosaic striped border by doris lavadina-lee canadian artist

All four of the medallions are pieced and the circle into a square striped border have been stitched.

back of paper pieced mosaic block

Fabric still needs to be trimmed and some paper pieces can be removed. The four triangles for each medallion have been designed and colours chosen. To date, I have 2 and 1/2 triangles completed. The new deadline is still March, now of 2020. I am a bit more optimistic that the quilt can be completed. I plan on machine quilting it myself and will quilt each quadrant separately and then join the four together.

Large square with circular design bordered by 2 triangles

Wish me luck!

Paper pieced scrap blocks

I love scraps!

As I am finishing up a project I will take the larger pieces left over, usually less than a quarter of a yard, and cut them into then largest size squares or strips possible. These all go into plastic scrap booking containers. I will go through these boxes (yes, I have more than one!) when I need a small amount of a certain colour, but generally, these scraps sit in their boxes for long periods of time.

paper-pieced blocks
paper-pieced scrap blocks before trimming

I started an improvised quilt top in the fall, which generated a fair bit of scraps. I loved the look of the colours and patterns together. So, I decided to use these scraps to create paper-pieced rectangles.

paper-pieced blocks
back of paper-pieced scrap blocks

I received a calendar in 2011 that was printed with a quilting pattern-a-day. I kept the calendar even though I knew I would never make any of the quilts. Each piece of paper is 6 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches. This was a good size to use up the scraps I was generating.

paper-pieced blocks
paper-pieced scrap blocks trimmed

I like using the paper-piecing process when working with scraps. Since many of the scraps are not on grain, using the paper stabilizes the block. The paper stays in the block until I have either stitched it to a piece that is on the straight of grain or into a complete top.

paper-pieced blocks
paper-pieced scrap blocks pressed and trimmed

The improvisationally pieced quilt top that started this process is now completed. It actually turned into 2 finished quilts. I have used all the calendar pages up to February 21st! and don’t have any scraps to deal with! I plan on using up more of the calendar for the scraps generated from my next quilting project.

I don’t know how I will join these rectangular blocks together yet. Maybe with sashing, or joined together. I will let them sit for a while.

Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year for 2015!


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