Flora’s Baby Quilt

I like to try new techniques, so when I saw the title: Sliver quilts: 11 projects easy technique for dynamic results by Lisa O’Neill, I had to try it.

Sliver Quilts
Sliver Quilts

In this technique narrow strips of fabric are encased in a fold when stitched so that there are no raw edges. Very fine points are achieved by using this technique. The ‘slivers’ of fabric can be made with fabrics that fray such as silks, rayons, and sheer fabrics like organza. Beautiful effects can be created with decorative trims such as rick rack and ribbons.

Flora's Quilt layout
Flora’s Quilt layout

I used slivers to make a special baby quilt.

Flora's Quilt
Flora’s Quilt

It’s bright, colourful and happy!