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Knitting for Covid-19 Memorial Blanket Project

There hasn’t been a lot of meditation in any format for me lately. But I changed that a few days ago when I began to knit. A friend passed on information from the CBC regarding a couple of women who were beginning a very large scale project to honour all of the people who have dyed due to Covid-19. The Covid-19 Memorial Blanket Project was conceived by three knitters: Heather Breadner, Allison Day, and Amanda Sharpe. They took inspiration from the National AIDS Memorial Quilt which travelled around the world and a part of it became Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt.

ball of yarn and knitting needles with a page of instruction from the Covid-19 Memorial Blanket project

All knitters and those that crochet are invited to participate in. Unfortunately, the number of squares they require number 9,193 to date. There will be more.

My husband is really the knitter in the family and he’s already made three blocks. My mother has contributed one as well. She knit hers in just a couple of afternoons. Oh, retirement – sigh!
I have only until November 2020 to get my square to them. They hope to have all of those collected made into a large blanket so it can start its tour across Canada.
But it’s expected that they will need to continue knitting and creating more blankets until necessary. So I recommend reading the information they have posted on their website and keep knitting even if seems November seems to be too soon.

Pillows and more headed for online shop!

I’ve been working on updating my online shop. Taking photographs that do justice to the beautiful nuanced colours of the hand dyed textiles is not easy. Many, many photos are taken to get one or two I really like.

5 hand dyed pillows on white bench and 2 textile paintings

Pillows, scarves, table runners, and a few more things are being photographed and in some cases rephotographed. I am letting these items go to new homes in order to make way for some new ideas, new colours and new fibres.

My newsletter subscribers will get the first option to log in and purchase all items in the online shop for 20% off and free shipping. Then I will open it up to everyone. So subscribe now!

back of a 4x6 cloth postcard with copyright symbol and Doris Lovadina-Lee

Salud! Sit back and enjoy all your savings! You will be happy when the holidays roll around and you’ve done your shopping.

Arashi Shibori Indigo Table Runners

I’ve just completed two table runners made with the Indigo fabrics I hand dyed in May.

Arashi Shibori table runner
Arashi Shibori table runner

This piece is white cotton that was folded in half, wrapped around a pole, and dyed with Indigo.

Arashi Shibori table runner detail
Arashi Shibori table runner detail

The table runner is backed with a cotton/linen blend and machine quilted following the flowing lines of the Arashi Shibori. I love the look of this piece. It reminds me of water moving in a stream.

Arashi Shibori Linen table runner
Arashi Shibori Linen table runner

The cotton/linen blend of the second table runner was also Indigo dyed using the Arashi Shibori technique – pole wrapping. This time the fabric was seamed to create a long tube that was then scrunched onto a plastic pipe.

Arashi Shibori Linen table runner detail
Arashi Shibori Linen table runner detail

A hint of the hand dyed cotton backing is visible in the photo above. To see these two pieces as well as other hand dyed fabrics, come to Quilts at the Creek this weekend and have a look at the Shop ‘Round the Corner. There will be a selection of lovely handcrafted items, so you can start your Christmas shopping early!



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