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It’s the end of the school year and there is always a scramble to find the perfect gift to give your child’s teacher. Since my son began attending school, we have been creating personalized quilted art postcards to give as gifts. Each postcard is 4″ x 6″, the perfect size for a small piece of art that is easy to display.

Trip to ROM drawing
Trip to ROM drawing

I asked my son to draw a picture that reflected something memorable from his school year. This year he drew a picture of the class trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). They travelled by subway to spend the day visiting the exhibits. The drawing was coloured (with helpful suggestions for me!) on a blank sheet of paper.

Mme Waddell postcard
Trip to ROM postcard

I translated his sketch into the postcard above by fusing fabrics, machine stitching and adding the details with beads. In this piece, I asked him about using sequins and beads to represent the faces he drew in the window. With his approval, I used pink beads for the two females and blue for the two males. You can see another one of his drawings that was made into a postcard in this earlier post: Quilted Art Postcards. He enjoys drawing and colouring and I enjoy the quilting! It’s a great collaboration.

If you are interested in making a no-sew postcard, check out Barb’s interview with me at ritewhileucan. I describe how to create a beautiful art project out of fabric scraps and card stock. Have a look and create a beautiful personalized gift for someone special.

Thank you postcards

Thank You for Madame

This is the end of another school year and my child has a couple of people he wants to thank. So we’ve spent time drawing and quilting two personalized thank you cards.

He has always loved drawing. I thought it would be a great keepsake for the teacher to receive a small picture reflecting his time in their classroom. His first drawing in Junior Kindergarten was created on easel sized paper 27″ x 30″. This was way too large for a small remembrance gift! So I decided to shrink the picture to a 4″ x 6″ postcard. Just the right size.

Classroom Life 2014
Classroom Life 2014 postcard

This is the postcard I quilted from my son’s original drawing – Classroom Life.  Notice the yellow sequins? They are the girls in the class. The red beads are the boys. Madame is standing by her desk waiting for the students who have questions about the assigned work.

Classroom Life 2014 drawing
Classroom Life 2014 drawing

Thankfully, he now uses 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper so, it isn’t as difficult to shrink the drawing down to postcard size.

Thank you for taking care of me

The other person he wanted to thank was his caregiver. She has been an important person in his life since he was one and a half years old. They have shared many experiences. One of the fun things they do together is play badminton.

Badminton Game Postcard
Badminton Game Postcard

This is the two of them playing a game. The green colour in the drawing represents the large trees overhead where they play. These trees cause many faults – hence ‘Oh Boy’ when the birdie gets caught in the trees!

Badminton Game Picture
Badminton Game Picture

Give thanks to all those that enrich your life.


Quilted Art Postcards

Barb of ritewhileucan calls herself a paper junkie and stationary hoarder. She loves the act of letter writing and all the accessories that make this pleasurable. Barb’s blog is about her paper passion! She believes the act of letter writing allows us to connect to others in a more personal way. She hopes this act of writing will make us slow down and appreciate each moment in our busy lives.

Her recent post: A fabric postcard for a teacher talks about creating a special thank you note. Barb wrote a lovely piece describing the quilted postcards I’ve created for my son to give to his teacher. At the end of the school year, he gives this truly personal gift in appreciation of their year together.

Grade 3 classroom
Drawing of grade 3 classroom

This is a tradition I began when he was in junior kindergarten. He draws a picture reflecting what he loves about his teacher and classroom. I take that image and recreate it in a 4” x 6” fabric postcard. On the back, I record the name of the teacher, school, the year and a note with my son’s name, grade and description of the drawing.

Quilted postcard of grade 3 class
Quilted postcard of grade 3 class

This quilted postcard is made like a miniature quilt that is pieced and fused, layered with backing and batting then quilted. Once this ‘quilt’ top is completed, it is trimmed to size. A firm interfacing is fused to a piece of white fabric that is then stitched to form the back of the postcard.

Back of postcard


The teachers treasure these miniature pieces of art. They are lovely mementos of your child and their year together.

Fabric fused postcard
Fabric fused postcard

If you are interested in creating a simpler version go to ritewhileucan and look at the step by step directions for making a fabric postcard on cardstock. This is a great way to send a personalized gift to someone you care!


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