tiedyed t-shirt

Labour day dyeing results

A couple of weekends ago I overdyed some fabric that I didn’t like. It was a yellow and black batik fabric with ghostly white flowers. The price was right and I brought it home, knowing that a dip in the dye bath could only improve it.

labour 2016 overdyeing

I cut this yardage into two pieces and dyed one in blue and the other in red.


I like the results above much better than the original colour.

I also dyed my husband’s t-shirt which had gotten stained.

labour 2016 tiedyetshirt


My husband was very happy with the colours and pattern on the t-shirt. My son liked the t-shirt so much he wants me to make him one too!

tiedyetshirt_backThe rest of the fabrics I dyed are still in a heap on my ironing board! I will be tackling the pile soon.

Labour Day 2016 – Hand dyeing

I have been waiting all summer for the opportunity to do some hand dyeing. The weather has been ideal, with hot sunny days and nights. Yesterday I started to dye 30 metres of pfd fabric.

labour 2016 dye bucket1

I wanted larger pieces and decided to dye 2 meter lengths. First I dyed red, fuchsia, bright yellow, golden yellow, black, turquoise, cerulean blue, and royal blue.

labour 2016 4colours

Next I mixed orange, purple, and green.

labour 2016 dye buckets

I also experimented with dyeing layers – parfait layers is how Ann Johnston describes layering 3 fabrics one on top of the other each with its own colour. The results are always fun to see.

labour 2016 yellow parfait

My husband brought me his new t-shirt that was stained and asked if I could dye it. I am curious to see the results of this tiedyeing experiment.

labour 2016 tiedyetshirt

I purchased this batik from the discount table even though I didn’t really like it. I thought it was really ugly actually, but I knew that I could improve it by overdyeing it. I split the piece into 2 long lengths (there was lots left on the bolt – no one else liked it!) and overdyed one piece with red and another piece blue. Worse case, it gets used for backing.

labour 2016 overdyeing

I will be rinsing and ironing these out over the next week. I am looking forward to seeing how these overdyed pieces and the t-shirt turned out!

Hope your Labour Day was fun!


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