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Clothing labels

Labels are attached to objects to identify and describe that item. I am happy to have received my woven cloth labels from the Dutch Label Shop. These silky, soft labels are now going to identify my hand dyed scarves long after the package they arrive in is gone. 

snow dyed scarf tied around a handbag with doris lovadina-lee textile arts labelBoth of these snow dyed scarves have my new logo: Doris Lovadina-Lee Textile Arts label attached. The labels are small and soft, so they are unobtrusive when the scarf is being worn. Of course, I won’t mind if you flaunt your designer label!

clothing label doris lovadina-lee textile arts on blue wool shawl with hang tag

Dutch Label Shop is an online shop that specializes in creating small quantities of custom supplies for people who create with fabric, just like us! 

Dutch Label Shop clothing labels and hang tags for doris lovadina-lee textile arts toronto artist

You can design your own label or select images and text from a library of designs. Small quantities as low as 30 pieces up to thousands can be ordered in the design you create. Stock labels indicating clothing sizes and fabric care labels are available. Dutch Label Shop also prints hangtags

Wool arashi shibori shawl on snow by doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario textile artist

Nui shibori wool scarf hand dyed with snow by doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario canada clothing label

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Show me your labels! Post photos of your labels on your beautiful handmade items and tag me: @lovadina.lee or send me a link to your blog.

Looking forward to seeing your creative new labels!

Snow dyeing “pashmina” shawls

I purchased two shawls this past weekend so I could continue to take advantage of the snow that was still accumulating. One was labelled 70% pashmina, 30% silk. It was had a nice shimmer and was soft. The other shawl was labelled 100% pashmina. At both locations I asked specifically if the fibre content was wool and was assured that it was.

Not wool scarves hand dyeing experiment dorislovadinalee.com


Both shawls were washed to remove any finish that might deter the dye from adhering to them. They were soaked in a vinegar, salt and water solution to prepare the wool for dyeing.

snow dyeing ice dyed pashmina scarves toronto ontario dorislovadinalee

One of the shawls was folded into thirds and wrapped around a PVC pipe, the other was rolled around a string. A combination of navy, turquoise and yellow dye powder was sprinkled on top of the snow.

shibori scarves in dye toronto ontario canada local dyer doris lovadina-lee

After the snow had melted, the shawls were steamed to set the dye. In the photo above they had just been removed from the steamer, the colours were vibrant!

snow dyed scarves pashmina washing synthropol doris lovadina-lee local hand dyer

The shawls were rinsed and washed with synthropol to remove all the excess dye.

hand dyed pashmina scarves hanging to dry basement doris lee toronto ontario

Here they are drying on the line after all of the dye was removed. I could see as soon as I began rinsing them out that there was a problem. In my experience pure wool absorbs dye beautifully resulting in deep, rich, strong colours. So, these two supposedly wool shawls don’t contain any wool at all!

Nui shibori snow dyed not wool scarf toronto ontario dorisleehand made pashmina not wool shibori scarf dyed with snow toronto ontario canada

This is the nui shibori shawl after its final wash. It’s a soft ethereal blue.

pleated arashi pashmina shibori hand dyed scarf not wool doris lee toronto artist
The arashi shibori shawl has a bit more colour, and the steaming has set the pleats! Although the colour differs quite dramatically from the shawls just out of the steamer, they are a still very pretty – an icy blue.

Arashi shibori blue snow dyeing not wool scarf doris lovadina-lee toronto ontario

Well, this experience has taught me that not all labels are accurate! The results are not the rich deep colours I personally favour but the finished shawls are still lovely. I am still looking for 100% pure wool scarves. I have a lead that I plan on pursuing. Hoping they arrive before all the snow is gone!

Lightweight Itajime Shibori dyed wool scarf

This lightweight wool scarf was dyed a few weeks ago. I folded and clamped it with a wooden resist. It was then dipped into blue and green Procion MX dyes. The bundle was placed in the steamer to set the dye.

Itajime Shibori wool scarf in blue and green
Itajime Shibori wool scarf in blue and green

This scarf is just perfect for the spring!


Wool Shibori Scarves

I found some very lightweight wool scarves that I experimented dyeing using fiber reactive dyes and Shibori techniques. I was very hesitant working with wool, but the results were beautiful! The scarf below is a very rich coral colour. It was rolled around a string, pulled tightly, immersed in the dye solution and steamed.

Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori
Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori

Working with wool resulted in a shopping trip to a charity shop to buy a pot that I could use to actually steam the scarf. Luckily, I found an enamel pot with steamer insert and lid – perfect for my needs. Once you have used an item to dye, you can no longer use it in your kitchen. After making certain my family was aware that the new pot was off limits, I began having fun.

Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori
Coral wool scarf Kumo Shibori

My fear working with wool was that I would shrink and felt the scarf, but by slowly heating and then cooling the scarf completely before washing the dye out, there was no problem.

Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori
Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori

You can see how fine the wool is in the photo above. The pattern shows through the undyed portions. I was also surprised at how little dye washed out of the scarves. The wool absorbs the dyes beautifully.

Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori
Blue wool scarf Itajime Shibori

The wool scarves have a lovely soft hand and are just right under a coat, and lightweight enough to use inside as a fashion accessory. I have another scarf to dye and can’t decide on the colour. What’s your favorite colour?



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